Has this method of fig defense worked for you?

fluffyfinchApril 12, 2013

Well, it's not really about defending figs--more like strength in numbers. With all the dastardly pests out there (mine are birds, squirrels and coyotes) have any of you tried to out-plant the competition? If so, has this worked for you? Or does it just encourage the pest population to grow since they're being well-fed and telling all their friends? I'm so tired of trying to figure out how to defend my trees that I think I'm going to try planting a ton of them so that I can get a decent crop.

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You would need a fence that can perform "Electrocution (but safe
for humans) to get rid of those pesty animals! LOL!

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Last year I had a large bush form VDB that produced more than the birds could eat. The same was true of one of my Apricots. This year I plan on adding some Silver Tinsel Garlands to trees that have fruit ripening on them. It was recommended by one of our local orchards. They have acres and acres of fruit trees and they say it works for them.

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