Maximizing fig fruit production?

txcass83(7)April 19, 2012

Hi y'all -

I planted a fig tree in the fall of 2009 in Texas. It is a Texas Fig, which I think is just another name for Brown Turkey. Anyhow, it made it through the first winter beautifully, and produced several figs for me in the summer of 2010. Then, the winter of 2010-11 was pretty harsh, and the fig died to the ground, but came back beautifully! However, instead of 1 main trunk, it made 4 trunks. It did produce figs, but with our intense heat and harsh drought of 2011 the figs did not grow/ripen properly (the tree survived well though). This year, we've had beautiful weather, and the figs are a plenty! :) I'm kind of a "let the plant grow how it wants" gal, but I really want a good solid fruit production. It may be too late to prune, but I'm wondering if pruning helps fruit production like in other kinds of fruit trees? If so when is the best time, and how much do you prune?

Just a side not of loveliness about figs. I read that they help women with post-partum depression! And, since I'm expecting in July, I'm really looking forward to eating these small delights. They are by far my most favorite fruit ever! :) :)

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Hello TXCASS83

I fully support the idea of pruning to stimulate fruit production. Seen it all my life. But in every case I've seen, the fruit comes the following year. So should you enjoy all of your yummy figs this summer and fall, prune it only when the crop is past. The next spring will be bountiful.

My family fig tree was planted in 1973. Some years, we'd get a hundred figs off of that monster. In poor production years, my dad (in spite) would attack the tree in midsummer when the diappointment was apparent. The tree would look ragged, but next summer, the prodution would be superb.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina smashed our house away, and the fig tree was shredded. In 2006, we had a very delicious crop from what remained of the tree. It is a large tree once again.

So feel free in late fall to lop away about eight inches off of perhaps half the branches. Next year, keep an eye on which branches give the most fruit and the tastiest fruit.

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Congratulations...I wish your family well.

The answer to your fruit production questions can be found in threads that discuss pinching techniques. Pay close attention to: herman2. I think if you search for his threads, you'll find the information you seek.

Basically, instead of letting your tree grow rampant, you pinch back new growth until only 6 leaves are left 0n each branch/twig. This directs all energy into growing and ripening your main-crop figs. It's a little more involved, but basically that's all that needs to be done.

Read pinching and pruning threads. It's easy.


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