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dieselerApril 8, 2010

Found some larger expandable peat pellets , i like these as i dont have to break apart a bunch of small ones to put in cup. I have some scion about a week old that were in a baggie just starting to show some bumps.

Going to stick scion in each one no gel dip and post results in about 4 to 6 weeks here in this thread.

Last season i first tried the small ones and liked the results its easy for me stick em and forget em least for a while. ; )

Also i did similar with fresh cut off my trees and used smaller peat pellets that i had to break up and put in cup and you can view the pictures if you have not seen in on the forums with pictures of roots. Click the Link below picture.

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Here is a link that might be useful: http://figs4funforum.websitetoolbox.com/post?id=4661738

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I saw some peat pellets that were between 5 to 6" long (but not as fat as shown above) when I went to pick up some rooted grape cuttings in a boutique nursery in Ottawa. I did not ask the owner but later thought that those were perfect for rooting of figs cuttings too. I have not seen those pellets in any store yet.

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