Fruit difference of Sals EL/Sals C.

tandrew31April 8, 2010

Are the fruits of these basically same color

and taste or is there a significant difference?

Tom Danville VA

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Hi Tom
to my palate big difference.
Color may varie in different climates,
my el.sals is more purple,
my Hc is purple with blueish tinge.
My el.sals out produces HC and is sweet.
My HC has a more richer fig taste.
Leaves can be similar at times of the year.
My favorite of the two is hardy chicago.
Those plants are my eldest of all my plants.
You can do a search and see them on both fig forums.
This how they taste to me, palates can be different as well perhaps.

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Sorry but I forgot. Is el sals genes sals? And did el have sals c? I ask because my sals c is a lot different than my genes sal. Sorry but that came out way too confusing for my liking. I think we are talking about 3 different figs here. But Martin, I think the question was el sals vs sals of corleone.

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Your right my apologies i read the heading wrong.

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Sasl's Corleone is very different compared to Sal(EL)
Sal Corleone has larger fruits flatter in shape,and is not as hardy as Sal (EL,aka Gene strain).
They are both dark figs,but everything else is different,and both figs are very good tasting.
For a beginer gardener Sal (EL,Gene strain)is the easiest fig to grow in any climate while I can't say the same about Sal Corleone.
Sal Corleone is absolutelly excellent tasting,but it needs more care(protection from cold),and if not given the tree will be set back,and not have a chance to show how good it is.

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giants_2007(10 PSL FL Sal)

Again thanks Herman for sharing your observations

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My sals of c has a more open eye than genes sal. I have them both in the ground without cover and they are doing fine. Thats not to say I disagree with Herman but in my location I get away w/o covering sals c.

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I still say that the "other" Sal's Fig (BC#39) is
different from the EL/Gene's Sal's Fig. (others may
differ). Oh yes! Sal(C)-BC#31 is a different fig beast...

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