It could happen to you - bud burn

Julia NY(6)June 26, 2012

Where folks were posting about yellowing buds, my problem was blackened buds first noticed when we had those very high temps and humid weather. I posted on the AHS Robin to see if any one could help me determine what had happened.

Most folks have never experienced this but several folks who live in the hot and humid zones, said it was sunburned buds and they had seen it before. Why some daylilies and not all of mine? Theory given it could be that some of the buds had more moisture within and therefore they became more susceptible to the extreme heat over several days.

Just so you know, these are the cultivars that got impacted:

INHERITED WEALTH, STEALTH BOMBER, WREN'S SONG, PINK DEBUTANTE and none of them are in the same garden bed. In fact they are pretty much spread out from each other. I've had long periods of hot weather before but never had this happen before. I've left them on and waiting to see what happens over the long term for documenting.

Here is the pic of what happened and of course, it had to be my beautiful INHERITED WEALTH so full of black buds.


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Nancy zone 6

I had quite a bit of that happen to me here too. Frankly, it had been warm, but I wouldn't have thought "that warm" I was blaming it more on dry conditions & off/on early weather pattern. Most of mine were new daylilies though & a couple of my more delicate flowers. You know, the thinner blossoms. I'm thinking Inherited Wealth though is more substantial flower, so there went my explanation. It is kind of like thrips, isn't it? Why one plant is covered with them while none of the surrounded ones are bothered.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Humm. wow, not sure what to make of those pictures!

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I haven't had that happen to me. YET. I wonder if it is a quick change to high temp rather than the ferocious heat alone than causes it. We have so much ferocious heat, you would think I would have seen it if it were the heat alone that caused it. I wonder if Linda or Kathy or Jean have had that happen?


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Oh no :( Poor buds. Look how many of them and the plant so wanted to flower. Thankfully, it's just a few of dls, and next year they will be alright.
Of the four you mentioned I only have Wren's Song - mine is in bad condition too, I'll probably have one or two deformed splotchy flowers, and the rest of the buds will fall off.

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Interesting. I haven't seen this before. What is puzzling me is that not all the buds on your scapes are black...some are green. Or are my eyes deceiving me? If it was sunburn, wouldn't all the buds on a single scape be affected? Hmmmm.

I can tell you that this was the worst spring for daylilies that I've ever had...lots of short scapes, mishapen flowers that bloomed several weeks too early, yellowing foliage, rust, etc. The good news is that I've had above average rebloom (on nice tall scapes) and the rust has gone dormant. And I have bananas growing for the first time! All the tropical plants are doing great thanks to the mild winter.

Julia, I'm curious to know if these black bud will produce normal flowers. Or do they shrivel up and fall off? I'm assuming you've pulled one off and checked inside for worms, insects? Be sure to give us an update when/if they start blooming.


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On the bright side, are all those scapes on INHERITED WEALTH? If so, Wow! Please post a clump shot if enough of the buds survive the 'blackened bud' problem.

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Julia NY(6)

I haven't pulled any buds off and figured to leave them alone to see if they shrivel up and drop or will they continue to grow and bloom.
Kathy you make a good suggestion. I'll take a couple of the buds and slice it open tonight to see what is inside, if anything. One from each of the plants that showed this problem.
I've NEVER had this happen here before and some of these have been here several years so they've been through the best of weather and the worse.
Ugly foliage is a given this year.


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Maryl zone 7a

That is odd that only some of them in the same cluster have the blackened tips. And from the pictures it looks like the more mature buds are unaffected. Never seen it here, never hope to. Will look forward to hearing your report on how the buds open - blackened and unblackened. Hopefully it's only cosmetic damage to the outside of the buds.....Maryl

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Julia NY(6)

Well I took one off INHERITED WEALTH. No bugs,worms,etc inside. All looked normal. Even more fascinating is that the yellow anthers were developing inside. All the inside petals/sepals developing were normal. So it only seems the outside of the bloom got burned.

More to come when I see if these blackened buds bloom or not.


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mizellie(z7 Al)

I certainly am curious about those buds. Wen and if they open, I would like to see them. I really feel it's a weather condition though.. Ellie

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I just found this on Emperor Butterfly. Wll be watching to see what happens. The buds affected seem to be currently growing just fine from what I can tell...hmmm...

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Julia NY(6)

Just to show the bud of Stealth Bomber is going to be opening. Notice how the outer part of the tip of the pod is now not so black but showing more brown tone. I've had two blooms of SB yesterday and both were dogs and neither of them had been affected with the blackened buds.

Maybe tomorrow or the next day the bud will fully open. Then I'll be able to see what damage it caused.

The buds on Inherited Wealth have not changed and remain small still . More to come.


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