Vancouver Fig and little rocks :)

hoh_gal(Zone 8)April 4, 2010

Hello all,

Two years ago I bought a vancouver fig for two reasons 1) stated that it would bear fruit in first year and 2) highly suitable for the Pac NW climate.

Well, the first year it did bear fruit, if you call the little rocks that never matured beyond the size of a shooter marble fruit.

Year 2 was alittle better, but still the fruit did not mature. Granted, we've been a bit cool the last two summers.

The fig is about 4' tall and has 3 major branches with a few suckers at the bottom. It's very aeriated. I've got my fig in the sunniest spot on my patio in a large pot and it gets about 8 hrs. of sun a day. So I can't figure out why I'm not getting mature fruit?

Do I have the wrong expectations to get mature fruit so soon?

Thanks experts...this is my first fig tree :)


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The Vancouver Fig may actually be "Brunswick". If my assumption is right, you would be better off to get the correct variant that delivers. Brunswick in my zone B.Columbia is not reliable. My 5 yr Brunswick is going away soon. I am not sure where Zone 7 you are in PNW. If you are in Seattle, go for variants like Desert King and Latarrula.

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Stella fig comes from the area. Try that one.

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Stella fig is a late ripening fig. Its a good fig but last year the cold set in too early in Oct. Hence no chance of even sampling one. My friend's Stella did not performed as it did the previous year. Other variants that ripen for me in Oct were Hollier, Slocan, Hardy Chicago, Dark Portuguese & Marseillies VS but none came close to the abundance of DK and Latarulla.

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