ants, ants, everywhere

marricgardensMay 10, 2011

I just finished reading kuzariprincess post about ants and thought I would ask about my problem with them. I have them everywhere. First I saw them in the flower beds and now they have moved into the house. The thing is I don't even know what kind of ants they are. They are about 1/4 the size of black ants. In the house they look like a speck of dust moving along the counter. You never see them in the garden unless you are weeding, which in my case if nearly all the time. I'm tired of being bitten by them, every night when I go in I have several dime size swellings on my legs. Anyone know what kind of ants these might be? I did do a search for how landscapers get rid of ants and they use orange oil mixed with molasses and water. Think I'll give that a try. Any advice?

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They sound like fire ants to me. Just recently in the news our way, they say that ants are a real problem because of the wet weather and sudden warm weather. I plant around their mounds in the garden. I usually don't see them anymore in my garden after a month or so.

You could also try pouring hot (boiling) water on their mounds, but it might ruin plants near them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wikipedia on Fire ants

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We apply diatomaceous earth around the perimeter of our house to discourage carpenter ants.

In the garden I found that the ants moved out when I began to cultivate and water an area around coniferous trees. There had been a huge ant colony there but ants don't like water so likely moved further from my garden. Recently I noticed a new colony at the base of a tree near my compost pile. Next time I turn the compost I'll water the ants as well as the compost and maybe they'll move on. I have also had them *in* a compost pile when I let it get too dry.

We don't have fire ants here but do have tiny red ones that bite.

Here is a link that might be useful: natural methods to get rid of ants

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Thanks for the tips. I just walked into the back fields with the dogs and there are also huge ant hills back there. Guess I better do them too. No sense leaving those to multiply! Marg

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I generally let ants be, unless they're in an inconvenient spot.

A few years ago there was a big ant hill right beside where I wanted to plant some flowers, so I poured boiling water on it, waited a while, dug a bit of it out, poured more boiling water, dug more out, and poured more boiling water. I figured I'd get to the bottom of the ants that way. Then I just filled in the hole with fresh soil. Worked like a charm =:)

Also, I put coffee grounds near a basement window last year as there were ants within about a foot and a half of so. I never found any ants in the basement. Of course, I'm not sure if they really wanted in or not =:)

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