Which variety is this?

budbackeast(FLORIDA)April 19, 2012

I live in Florida and have 6 varieties of figs, but not sure what any of them might be. All came from kindly Greeks in Tarpon Springs. Here are pics of the latest ones to fruit. They are fairly whitish in color and taste very sweet. The Greeks just identify them all by color, so that is not so helpful.

I do recognize them by flavor, for when I was a wee lad, my aunt in Covington, LA used to home-can these very same figs for my dad.

Yes, I do have a pet egret. Follows me around like a puppy. As you can see, he is about to eat the half piece of fig from the top picture.

Here is a closer view of that fig before I gave it to the egret.

Can anybody tell me which variety of white fig this might be?

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Um, ignore the date on the photo. Just too lazy to set the date on my camera It was taken an hour ago.

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Lattarula or Italian Honey do not sound like Greek to me.
But all that skin green-color plus ribs and the amber pulp does remind me of them.

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Thanks Gorgi.

A week ago I had a black fig which was good enough, but this fig was just delicious! Well, I ate a bit of it before the egret ate the rest of it.

The egret never showed an interest in my fig trees before. I think that my orchard is now compromised. Ugh!

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mountainman0826(z8B TX)

The amber pulp, leaf, very sweet taste and use in canning are suggestive of Kadota, otherwise known as Dotatto. The skin of Dotatto, although tender, is thicker than average. In a hot, sunny climate, the color of of the skin of Dotatto is bright yellow when ripe. In a cool, rainy climate, the skin is green when ripe. The shape of the fig varies from round to pyramidal. Other varieties that, in my opinion, are the same as Dotatto are White Texas Everbearing, Banana and Binella.

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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

Bud! Now why did you go and make a fignut out of that poor egret? He has a lethal-looking beak, there, so you'd better not refuse him figs, or you'll be in trouble. :)

What a beautiful bird.

Is that a friendly egret that hangs around your yard? My sister had a heron who liked to eat the fish out of her fish pond. She didn't like him too much after he ate her last goldfish, "Jaws." There was a big containment lake right out her back door that had all kinds of fish the bird could have eaten, but he chose the easiest way to get his dinner.


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Actually, this egret is my back-up egret. The original egret is named 'Precious', and has been in my yard for about 5 years. One day, a much younger and more agressive egret showed up, which is the one in the photo. I named him, 'Few". Now it's 'Precious and Few', like the old song.

See link below

You got that right about the beak. These two birds all but sit in my lap now. I learned years ago from my pet squirrel that you do not feed wild animals by hand. The squirrel cold not tell a thumb from the peanut-in-a-shell which I was offering. It bit me, the bigger nut, and it cut down to the bone. Tremendous speed and power in a squirrel's jaws.

So today, I fear but adore my egrets. I do not dare try to hand feed them anything. Someday I will get brave enough to try and pet one of them. Look for my obituary in the neswpaper the next day. What an embarassing way to die!

Here is a link that might be useful: Precious and Few

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Don't know the fig.

But I remember when I got bit on my arm by a parrot once. It was very painful, lucky I was wearing a denim jacket.

I wanted to ring his neck. LOL

Ya, he was just trying to protect his owner.

BTW, nice song


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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)


I can see the headlines now--

The Attack of the Killer Egrets!

Man refuses to hand over the figs and was attacked by two killer egrets in his own back yard.

He has quite a few holes in him, but is expected to make a full recovery.

The egrets were not available for interview.

That's great you have two egrets hanging around your yard. 


Be glad you had your denim jacket on. When I was working at the vet clinic, one of the vets was an exotics vet and a woman brought in a rescue cockatoo. She stood over the cage and reached in to get the bird to perch on her hand and it got scared and bit her on the forearm. That big beak put a huge gash in her arm and we had to tend to her injury before the vet could see her bird. She blamed herself for being careless and not thinking about it being a new bird with an unknown background and she loomed over it. 

We were taught never to face a dog standing square on facing it because it was an aggressive stance to the dogs and also never to stand over a dog and reach down to pet it because that's aggressive as well. Same for birds and cats. 

I'm glad you weren't hurt badly. Their beaks are very powerful\-\-even the little ones because they climb with them as well as eat with them. I got bitten to the bone when a frightened cockatiel latched onto my finger and they're little. OUCH! Even tiny budgies can give you a strong pinch and draw blood. 

I believe they once were veloceraptors. 

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Poor Rafed!

Death by bird is the worst. Everybody will keep breaking out in giggles at our funerals!

And about that parrot. I love the very famous Dead Parrot Sketch done by Monty Python. Surely you've seen it, no? See link below if not.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dead Parrot Sketch

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