artemisia varieties opinions wanted

mycalicogirls(4b-5a Nebraska)June 19, 2008

Is anyone growing Tangerine artemisia? What do you think of it? Is it invasive? How about the old Silver King and Queen artemisias? I really want one of those, but can't find it anymore in the retail trade. Anyone have a start for me? Molly

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I have two silver grey artemisias. I don't recall which variety. These bushes travel quite a bit. I wouldn't say invasive, but artemisia definitely has a mind of its own. Neither of my two are in the original place they were planted. They have both moved about 2-1/2 feet to the right. Conditions are exactly the same. It isn't that they were seeking more sun, or less sun. It seems the original bushes died off, but put out lots of daughters.

They are low growers, and they are wide. The flowers are the same color as the foliage. I like them.

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midnightsmum (Z4, ON)

I have some Silver Queen I brought with me from my old garden - it is getting a 2nd chance. It grows about 2 ft. tall, and has a tendency to flop - grrrrr. I put it against the fence, hoping this would give it some support. It does move a bit, and in my old garden was easily overcome by beebalm and obedient plant. My new garden also has what I think may be silver mound, which I have always found attractive.


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I find both silver queen and silver king to be invasive. I had the king and it grow far from it's original site. If contained it's probably okay.

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mycalicogirls(4b-5a Nebraska)

Does anyone find Silver Mound to be short-lived, or is it just so in my garden? I also seem to be a killer of Powis Castle. I think I might cut them back too early. Are you all shearing them, and if so at what growth stage? Molly

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I have Artemesia Schmidtiana "Silver Mound" which has always been nothing short of well behaved over the past 35 years since it was planted. Stays in perfect mounds that rarely get larger than a basketball. They've been divided many times and produce perfect mounds from the divisions. Perhaps because we rarely get hot weather here for more than a day or two, they don't have the chance to flop or fall apart in the middle. And mine are in full sun so they don't have to reach. They don't seem to self seed; I've never gotten a volunteer.

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slubberdegulion(z7 VA)

I have, or had, southernwood bushes in 'Camphor', 'Tangerine', and 'Lime' (or something similar). It's a little difficult to say which is what now. I planted a couple a little too close and they have intermingled so much I can't always be certain which scent I'll get when I sniff a branch.

I agree that they spread a little, like some other artemisias, but they have stayed fairly close to where I've planted them. They root very easily from cuttings and from root divisions.

I've found that my southerwood clumps are really difficult to dig up (deep and spreading roots that seem to get into everything around them), so I do what I can to deal with them wherever they've taken a liking too. Otherwise, I'd have to dig up large parts of beds and I haven't had much luck with getting large transplanted bushes to live.

They do get leggy, but can be cut down short in the spring and clipped back as needed. This year I potted up some of my cuttings and they were ready for planting in a month or so. Those got planted along one side of the chicken run to discourage the hens from nibbling other plants. So far, so good.


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I just remembered that artemisia is supposed to be good for repelling garden insect pests. I guess I'll dig up some of those daughters tomorrow and put them around the exterior of my produce garden!


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The Renegade Gardener says horrible things about Silver Queen - enough to make me reconsider planting it. The other available option is Stelleriana, but this one's shorter. I hope I can find Powis Castle somewhere, as it is supposed to be better behaved.

Here is a link that might be useful: space invaders

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Yikes! Nancy mentioned two plants I just added this year: Jacob's Kline bee balm and obedient plant. Should I go rip them out or are they manageable spreaders? I am still constantly fighting the horrible trumpet vine that refuses to die. I don't want new battles to spring up with two more foes.

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I have Silver King and I love it for both the color in the bed and because I clip it for cut flower arrangements. That may also be why I've never had it get out of hand?

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angelcub(Sunset 3b)

I have grown Powis Castle and for many years. It is very well behaved but this is the arid west where it thrives. I think your much wetter climate may have been what did it in. It is very susceptible to root rot.


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