Excluding Explorer and Parkland Roses........

rosecavalier(3 AB)May 20, 2010

Excluding Explorer and Parkland Roses, what roses have pleasantly surprised you in wintering ability and fragrance attributes?

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There's the rugosas - Hansa, Therese Bugnet, Rosarie D'La Hay, etc.

Nearly Wild's quite nice.

Once bloomers are quite fragrant and tough as nails - Red Leaf rose, Harison's Yellow.

Here is a link that might be useful: Canadian Rose Society Recommended Roses

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

The hybrid tea Double Delight has survived several bad winters for me, and is one of my few long term HT survivors.

Rosa gallica versicolor (Rosa Mundi) is fragrant and hardy for me too.

Mme Plantier is an unusual old garden variety that grows tall, flexible and thornless canes that I flatten to the ground and cover every winter, and it's hardy enough for me here. It blooms on old wood so if it has a bad winter and dies back a lot I don't get blooms the following summer. The blooms smell incredible.

The 2nd and 3rd ones are once-bloomers. I also agree with Rugosas. Some are more fragrant than others though.

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rosecavalier(3 AB)

Shazam: Thanks for the response - I'll check out Nearly Wild - as far as rugosas, I like their fragrance and hardiness. Wild Edric has a great flower form (high centered) with other attributes similar to Roserie de L'Hay - Wild Edric was a surprise for me this spring - 3 ft of live growth with just snow protection and this rose was bred by David Austin in England. In years to come, I suspect this rose will be grown throughout the north.

Northspruce: I had Double Delight for two winters - it was in a bad location but showed the hardiness you describe - I should try it again. My r. gallica (apothecary rose) has been very reliable (8yrs) and I just planted Mme. Plantier last year against my basement wall - its well leafed out and 3 ft tall now with some buds forming - I like your idea of flattening the flexible canes to the ground and then protecting. What has been your experience with canker when you try this?

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I'm going to have to find Wild Edric. I keep forgetting about its existence. Did you find it somewhere in Alberta?

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

Rosecavalier - I haven't noticed canker on Mme. P. Mine is own-root and has established nicely into several canes, so occasionally I will lose one cane but no big deal. Like I said in a bad winter it will die back considerably and regrow. I grow it on an obelisk and in the fall I carefully tip the whole thing over and cover it with leaves and burlap.

Another HT that did well for me was Garden Party. It got mad and died when I moved it but it's one I would like to try again. The fragrance wasn't powerful like DD but it was there.

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I have a souvenir de malmaison that surprizes me every year although in my garden she is a mini rose.

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rosecavalier(3 AB)

Shazam: I ordered Wild Edric bareroot from Hortico - they were grafted on to multiflora rootstock so I planted them deep (should develop "own roots" in time) - slowly my Hansas are being replaced with WE.

Northspruce: OGR roses with supple canes that allow one to bend them over for winter protection work well for me. Interesting they don't canker as easily as the hybrid teas - has this been your experience? It's such a bonus when shrub roses don't have to start over from the crown each spring.

Kuzariprincess: How many years old is your SDM and how would you rate it's fragrance?

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Thanks rosecavalier, I have a very nice spot for one!

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

I'll be honest - Mme. Plantier is the only rose I've grown that is flexible enough to bend to the ground and non-prickly enough that you'd dare. John Davis (Explorer) is pretty close on both counts but it's cane hardy above the snowline for me so I'd never bother.

I have only rarely seen canker on my roses. I don't know what the official prevention for canker is, but in my climate I wait until it's freezing pretty reliably at night and the roses have lost most of their leaves before I cover them up for the winter.

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