wintertime for fig

bryantheitalianboyApril 25, 2010

If I don't protect my fig tree. Will it die or survive the winter season? How old will it survive without protect at least around 10 degree? My fig is black mission.

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My opinion is that in you're zone BM is going to be very tough to grow in the ground unless you have it in a great spot (micro climate). BM grows like mad in a pot if that is possible.

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bonsaist(Z6/ Bethlehem, Pa)

What part of Pennsylvania do you live in?
I agree with Ed Black Mission is not the best variety to grow in ground in our climate.


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In ground Black Mission trees can be tender even in my zone 9 climate. The fig trees in my yard are susceptible to early spring frosts and light freezes. Often early warm fronts cause fig trees to break dormancy way too soon. The cold/warm cycling fronts that move through our area in some years, can damage and kill a tender tree quiet easily. Several years ago a friend of mine lost his large BM fig tree to these hot/cold cycling temperatures.

Based on the fig tree growing observations made by Herman2, I have allowed my BM tree to grow in bush form.....for better winter survival and insurance. Also, to make it easier to pick the figs in the future as the tree gets larger. This year I had very little damage to my Black Mission as compared to earlier years when I insisted that it grow in TREE FORM. There was very little damage in spite of it being a much colder winter than usual in my area.


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