cath41(6a)April 20, 2010

Please bring him back. Among other things, he wrote the best instructions for using computers that I have seen. Please.


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satellitehead(z8 ATL Metro)

... but, in my opinion an the opinion of a few others I've talked to, that talent was offset by a penchant for taking inappropriate and uncalled-for jabs at nearly anyone/everyone he didn't agree with or like, which isn't conducive to maintaining a friendly yet challenging and informative forum where anyone can speak openly and freely without fear of ridicule, humiliation and attack.

It could be coincidence, but it seems he disappeared after his last jab at me several weeks ago, a typical one in which he implied my head was made up of excrement. Since that, I can't remember any time this forum has ever so free of snide remarks and cheap attacks. It seemed like any time myself, Gorgi or a couple others said anything, he was hanging around just itching to attack with an offhanded comment. Ironically, the same calmness happened at F4F when he stopped posting there. Coincidence?

I hope if/when he does come back, he can avoid being blatantly rude to others, because he can be a great and helpful guy when he wants to.

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Cecil and I do not always see eye to eye. He got really peed at me for some bad info he obtained sometime back from JR. He evidently passed it on to other seasoned forum members who continue to shun me. JR does not remember what he personally told me in his living room years ago. I CLEARLY remember what he told me. His memory is starting to slip and he has forgiven those who have trespassed against him in past mail order sales. If JR can forgive those people, I can too.

I miss Cecil's humor. It is really ashamed that some forum member got their "feelings" hurt over his free speech rights which were granted to him and to all of us by MANY service men & women. Many of whom lost life, limbs, property, family, jobs, and who know what else. IMO those who tattle tale to GW administration over anything so trivial ought to be ashamed of themselves. Countless Soldiers, Marines, Seaman, and Airmen are rolling over in their graves over such behavior. They gave it all to secure free speech and some here worry about their "feelings" getting hurt. Give me a figgy break...... If a Marine can suffer through a land mine that took his leg forever......surely you can suffer through your "feelings" getting hurt by what someone merely wrote. That Marine GAVE ALL OF US the right to freely express ourselves.....what kind of people are you that try to silence anyone!! Shame on you......


I know you still read these posts. Hope you continue to do well and that you win most of your battles with the critters and varmints in your yard. I stand 100% by what JR personally told me in his living room despite what he told you when you visited with him. As I told you, JR doesn't even remember me giving him 150 fig cuttings year before last. You called me a liar and told me to kiss off. I can forgive you for that because you simply did not have all of the facts.

Semper fi buddy. Hope to see you posting again here real soon. I might not always agree with what you write; however, I will NEVER try to silence you or anyone else for that matter.


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satellitehead(z8 ATL Metro)

My father invested 20 years of his life serving our country, part of that service included a tour in Vietnam. Even as much as admire and respect his service, I don't believe that sacrifice gives him the right to demean and humiliate those folks whose rights he helped preserve. Thankfully, neither does he. My father is a humble man who understands he is just another man who opted to risk his life for his fellow countrymen, and he did so without expectation of praise or special priviledge.

My dad enlisted back in the late 60's, when enlisting wasn't exactly the "popular" choice. When my dad retired almost 25 years ago at the "ripe old age" of 38, he did so with grace, with a chest full of stripes, colors and metal showing the places he'd been and service he'd provided, all of that rendered with no expectations of special treatment. The medals he earned and his shadowbox adorn the walls in the back hallway of their modest home, which are tucked away out of general sight. He doesn't expect praise and doesn't want any extra attention just because he made a personal decision to serve in order to protect his family and the family of millions of other Americans across this fine nation we live in.

To this day, my dad continues to serve in his neighborhood, helping his neighbors for the sake of helping out. He is a kind and amazing man who would never spit venomous words at another man, regardless of how much he disagrees with their actions. My father is a respectful man who treats every human being with dignity and respect regardless of race, creed, personal belief or personal history. He is an honorable man, who has, is and probably will continue to serve others until the day that he dies. He is an inspiration for everyone, and I'm proud to call him "DAD".

However, making the personal choice to serve is just that - a personal choice. It's a respectable choice, but to suggest that making such a choice gives a person the right to say and do anything they want to another human is an insult to every person that donned a uniform to defend the commonfolk of this nation. There is a huge problem with that line of reasoning or action....you saved your fellow countrymen for what, just too have the right to attack them yourself?

That's not cool.

Furthermore, accumulating a massive quantity of altruistic or selfless actions doesn't give you the right to humiliate or badger anyone. You could be a hero that rescued 10,000 babies from the jaws of dragons, that doesn't give you the right to verbally assault another human being. Belitting, insulting, badgering, attacking .... none of these things are appropriate activities in a public setting under any condition, especially not one involving generally peaceful, analog activities like plant propagation.

I live in the moment. I don't hold onto memories and grudges. If the behavior I'm disgusted with stops, I have no reason to be upset anymore, and nobody has any reason to "silence" such unacceptable or despicable behavior.

I surely hope that when Cecil comes back - as I'm sure he will - I hope he can curb the attacking, hurtful commentary that seems to have possibly led to his suspension from GW. It would be a very welcome change. I'm sure a lot of folks would quickly and easily forgive and forget.

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"If a Marine can suffer through a land mine that took his leg forever......surely you can suffer through your "feelings" getting hurt by what someone merely wrote."


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Not referring to Cecil case but making a general comment that free speech refers to expressing one's conviction freely and not expressing one's anger in any combination of hurtful words. No soldier would have been willing to give his life if told that his life is on the line so that others can have freedom to hurl poisonous venomous words at others freely so that eventually there will be no such thing as 'calling names' being offensive.

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I thank Satellitehead for wanting Cecil to be back. Yahooooo. I guess Cecil is straight like a pole and I like the principles he stood up for his friend JR & I believe he would do so for anyone in the forum. If Satellitehead says he likes to see Cecil back, then so be it. Ball on your court Cecil.

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wabikeguy(7 AB)

"Ball on your court Cecil."

Actually paully, Cecil had his ball taken away. That's the whole point...

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satellitehead(z8 ATL Metro)

I guess that's a potential consequence of using your ball to selectively clobber other folks?

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wabikeguy(7 AB)

So it would appear...

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What ever happened to freedom of speech? Give me a break!!!

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

I read this whole thread, wondering about where to get Cecil cuttings!! Jeeze! this is the Fig forum, is it not?

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wabikeguy(7 AB)

Freedom of speech applies to our rights as citizens to speak or publish ideas.

This being a privately owned site, the owners and moderators have the right and indeed, the responsibility, to limit and to control what is posted here.

Those who don't wish to abide by those rules are free to go elsewhere and say and publish just about anything they wish.

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wabikeguy(7 AB)

There is a "Terms of Service" link at the bottom of each page which describes our rights and responsibilities for posting here. Even free speech has limits.

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