Looking for... Kudzu

shazam_z3May 12, 2008

I am thinking of growing Kudzu as an annual. Anybody know where I can source seeds or plants?

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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

I did find it at Richters Herbs. Go to www.richters.com and select seeds and they list kudzu. Otherwise, I was also able to find one supplier on ebay, though it was a USA supplier on that site and I don't know what the regulations are about importing it into Canada (apparently Richter's states it's not allowed to sell to USA as kudzu has become a serious weed in the south. Perhaps in Canada, with it's colder winters, hasn't had the same problem.


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Excellent, thank you very much. I'm going to order some seeds from Richters, as the eBay seller doesn't seem to selling one of the traditional two varieties. Funnily enough I checked eBay before posting my original message and that seller wasn't around then. And I find that Google is nigh useless when it comes to finding gardening stuff.

And hopefully I won't be trapped by the Kudzu come August :)

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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

No problem, actually, I wasn't even sure what kudzu was, so I did an internet search. When I read it had an herbal use to it (as do many plants), I thought maybe Richters would carry it.


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Wow! As someone who grew up in Mississippi/Tennessee, I shudder to think of someone bringing such a terrifyingly invasive species up here. True, perhaps not to the extent found in the heat of the south, but still...why risk it! It had a huge impact on even the economy, and is a huge thorn in the side of gardeners.

Don't do it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Anarchy In the AK

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Kudzu is not even close to root hardy in zone 3. I will be using it as a green mulch in my veggie garden.

We grow many plants here that would be considered invasive everywhere else. Sedums, for instance, are considered weeds from hell in more temperate zones.

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By all means don't plant Kudzu. I live in SE Michigan near Detroit, and Kudzu has now starting invading parts of the Carolinan Forests of South Michigan. We never thought it would come this far north, but not so true.

We happen to be in a small similar climate zone as parts of KY, TN, so maybe that is partly to blame. However, don't take any chances, it is a pretty ugly plant anyway.

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Again, I will reiterate: I am in zone three. We have winters where it goes down to -40F for weeks at a time.

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Good Luck,

Clover might be a good option to re-invigorate your soils.
Let us know how it works out?

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Clover is nice, but it's pretty hardy up here so I don't want to put it into the veggie garden. I wanted to get something that would grow quickly yet not survive the winter. I do already plant peas but you need plant a lot of peas for even a small area.

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