HAVE: wormwood seeds !

michaelpivolaNovember 24, 2013

So, I have Wormwoood seeds for trade. NEVER! plant these near a garden or an ornamental bed
because of toxic seepage from the chemical
the plant produces. I feel it is best kept in a pot as i do,with a large drip tray to contain the wash from the roots.
Flush this material ***not kidding *** pretty shrub,great dence windbreak when mature,please
see this link before trade is considered;



Absinth wormwood is a nonnative, long-lived, fragrant, perennial herb
that grows each year from a woody base. An individual plant has 20 or
more stems each growing 1.3 to 4.9 feet (0.4-1.5 m) tall. The fruit is
a cypsela without a pappus. The well-developed root system consists of
a taproot occasionally reaching 2 inches (5 cm) in diameter with shallow
lateral branches extending 6 feet in all directions [18]. Absinth
wormwood may be weakly rhizomatous [14,27]. The roots lack the
interxylary bark of some Artemisia spp. which protects the roots from
desiccation [15].

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Any left? :)

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would love to have some of your seeds. If you still have some. I live in florida, Jacksonville to be exact.
Let me know the details.

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Do u still have?

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