Can I plant my lily bulbs now?

fillagirlMay 6, 2012

Good morning, just received an order of lilies from the Lily Nook and am anxious to get them in the ground. Can I plant them outside now? I'm thinking I should be good, but I think the first frost-free date around here is May 15th or so....

Also, when should I be able to transplant the lilies I have growing indoors in pots to outside? They are already blooming, so they're done for this year but I am anxious to get them outside. Do I have to do the hardening off thing with these?

Thanks in advance, newbie gardener.

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weeper_11(2b SK)

Yes, definitely plant the lily bulbs ASAP. Lilies can handle some chilly weather, so they'll be fine, and a frost won't harm the bulb at all since it is planted too far down. Plus, lilies don't really go dormant, so they don't do well at all out of the soil(and they'll probably be starting to sprout by now too, which isn't good)

As for the other lilies, I would be planting them outside if I was you, just cover them if we get a late frost. Make sure you cut the blooms off when they are done flowering, for their first year especially they shut put their foliage energy into roots rather than seeds. They should probably be hardened off, put them outside in a partially shady area for a couple days, then start moving them into the sun for a couple more days and they should be good to go. If they are in little pots just be sure they don't dry out too much in the sun.

To be honest, any time I've bought lilies from a greenhouse or started them indoors I haven't bothered hardening them off, I just plant them, keep them well watered for the first little bit and they've been fine. Probably not the best gardening practice, but I've always gotten away with it(with lilies, anyway)

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

I'll second that, just plant them now!

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