dormant plant in sun?

luv_figsApril 7, 2010

so my baby fig tree, with 9 leaves or so, has not been growing for the last 3 months. i live in so cal and i keep it inside, so its warm and gets maybe 2 hours of sun a day.

i've been trying to determine whether it is dormant or needs to be fertilized/or needs more sun. since i've been keeping it in 50/50 potting mix and perlite, i've received comments that i should fertilize it.

should i also put it in the sun too? since its not growing, is that safe? i guess i'm not sure whether the plant is dormant or in need of nutrients. if its dormant, will the sun be bad for it?

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wabikeguy(7 AB)

2 hours of sun a day isn't much sun. If it was my tree (You oldtimers here correct me if I'm wrong), I'd gradually start exposing it to more sun. Try it outside or in a sunny location for 5-6 hours for a several days and if looks healthy, give it more. If it starts wilting, cut back a little.

As for fertilizing it, Al just submitted a post on that topic today on the forum. Check out "Fertilizer Schedule For Potted Figs." It's a couple of topics down from this one.

I'm sure your tree will be fine.


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If it has leaves on it, it is not dormant.
Dilute fertilizer and more sun is a good idea. But do not put it outside in the sun. Moving it from inside directly into the sun will shock it. You have to acclimate it to outside slowly. Put it in a shaded protected spot for the better part of a week. Then move it to a brighter spot for another few days - then into the sun. Don't rush it.
Or give it more sun indoors.
Good luck.

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One can put in full sun and as little as 30 minutes to an hour leaves will start to wilt for such a plantcoming out of home/ What i like to do is put in full shade or out in a heavy overcast day that has no sun. After a week or 2 i give it part sun but i watch it after its first hour if i see the leaves stems start to lower down i move back into full shade , once back into shade the leaves stems will get back upwards then i repeat next day, in time the leaves stems will not drop down then i start doing similar to full sun.

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all right guys, thanks for the tips. will move it closer to the windowsill for now. if its not dormant, and its not growing then it definitely needs more fertilizer since its doing absolutely nothing!

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