Cutting back Montauk Daisies...

carrie630(z7bNC)June 17, 2009

Since recently there were discussions about pinching sedums and making new plants out of the cuttings, I wanted to mention that I do the same with Montauk Daisies, (which I trim down twice a year - once in December and again in June)....

They are also very easy - stick the stems in dirt and they will root themselves...

Hey, anything to save $$, right?



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Another great tip! I don't grow Montauk daisies, but they sure are pretty. Probably on the deer or rabbit menu?


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... Afraid to say it... so far no rabbit or deer damage on them, but maybe they never made it to that section of the far, as I said... ;0/

They are always such a surprise when they bloom pretty white daisies in the fall.. Somehow I always forget about them after the last "cut back".. and then around October they are filled with daisies.

I think you would like them, Cameron - (I think they smell like Fritos...)


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I was just thinking about cutting my Montauk daisies back, perfect time to read your post. How far do you trim them down? I will take your suggestion and try to root them too.

My 3 year old daughter is the daisy girl, she can't get enough of them. I bought Montauk to continue her daisy obsession as late into the summer as possible and they were SO pretty last fall when the only other thing I had with new blooms was my anemone.

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I would cut them back now... just like mums, by July 4th - but most of the time I do my Montauks just a week or so earlier...

Rooting is easy - I don't fuss, but NOT as reliable as sedums, but still "do-able"... I say "what have you got to lose?" :0)


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I cut back my montauk daisies on or about June 1st and have seen no new growth. When should I expect to see it?

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I've heard the name before, but never seen them that I am aware of, so I looked them up on the web just now. The LINK below tells about them not being palatable to rabbits and deer. Lots of info on this site, including rooting them, as you mentioned. Cool beans!

I want some of these daisies. I am a long-time Daisy lover.
Thanks for the post!

Here is a link that might be useful: Montauk Daisy

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