Two varieties of Osborne Prolific?

pylot(usda 9b sunset 17)April 13, 2010

I've heard conflicting opinions - some say it is delicious, some say it is passable. I imagine there are several varieties. Anyone knows whether the Osbourne Prolific from Dave Wilson is the good tasting one? Does it have a decent main crop? How's the breba?

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I have read in past that some figs will taste better in some climate than others and also vary in color of fruit as well.
Some need longer hotter season to bring out there best in them.
Just like some figs with large eye need a dryer climate to perform better and not get ruined.

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gene_washdc(zone 5a)

My first fig was an Neverella (aka OP) from Raintree. Don't sure where they get their stock, could be from Dave Wilson. It had to be super ripe for me to enjoy it. It had a pretty form, but I finally cut it down to make room for other things. I sent cuttings to fignut in RI since it supposedly does well in cooler or shadier locations. If I remember correctly, she likes it fairly well.

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I love it - it's one of my best tasting figs - and it ripens up here in our short season.
I think the difference of opinion about taste comes from what Gene mentioned - picking when super ripe. If picked when ripe, it's just OK. If picked when super ripe, it's one of the best figs you'll ever eat. I can't compare the flavor with anything else - it's unique - and has very complex layers of taste.
It has a decent number of small to medium figs. There are probably different strains (I'm trying one that another fig friend sent me as well as the one Gene sent), but I can't tell you now if there is a major difference. Neveralla figs from the same tree can vary in color quite a bit depending on conditions. That may contribute to the idea of different "strains" also.

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I have an unknown variant where I called Tony's Greek. My friend Tony told me this tree came from Greece. He gave me the tree but has no idea what variant it is apart from telling me it gives him hundreds of figs. It is very similar in taste & color to my Osborne Prolific. Both my trees are about the same height(5ft plus).The slight differences are its productivity & larger fig size in T.Greek's favor. Very tasty.

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