Sanford Fig - is there another name for this fig?

texascockatoos(7B)April 11, 2010

I went to Fannicks Nursery (in San Antonio) today to pick up several figs. They had a few Sanford Figs for sale which I have never heard of and nor can I find information about them. Is there another name for the Sanford Fig?

Thanks for your time.


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There is a fig named Stanford but it is a caprifig and likely not one that would be sold at a nursery. You might ask the nursery for more information about that variety.


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Hi Ingevald,
After your response I called the nursery today asking for more information about this fig. I was told that it is named after the gentlemen that is in the process of getting this new fig patented and asked to call back next month and they should have more information for me.
So it's a wait and see.
Thanks for your response.

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I agree with Ingevald that "the" Sanford is a "caprifig"
from UCD. Actually there are S.1,2,3... variants.
I recenlty got one (unreqested) single twig (less the #)
- it rooted, and may I just to add, it it quite hardy.
My only interst in caprifigs is "just" to re-understand
their fruiting behaviour - no fig wasps here - I did
use them before in my old place - per the advice of my mum.

Had also tried to-hard-to-root some of the "edible" and
more useful caprifigs; not sure, but I think I got one...

Good luck with your vendor's patenting the S.(common) fig
name (enough fig confusion already exists).

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Just realized, a new poster registered April 11, 2010...

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I sent an email to the nursery to see if they had any additional information. They basically said that the fig came from a Mr. Sanford so that he could get a rooted fig and for the nursery to sell the rest. Mr. Sanford did not provide any details about the history of the fig. The nursery will hang on to one of them to see its characteristics. They did not mention anything about patenting the fig.

My assumption right now is that this is a favorite fig of Mr. Sanford's (from a friend/relative or one that he "discovered" growing somewhere) and he wanted some help propagating it


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Hi Ingevald,
It will be interesting to see what this fig tree actually is, probably a brown turkey. I appreciate your extra effort in trying to help me.

Hi Gorgi,
Thanks for the welcome. I have always loved fig trees (shape and leaves) but never lived in an area that I could keep one until recently. I bought 3 fig trees last year and then another 6 this year. I am exciting about the different figs trees and can't wait for them to get big, plus I'll get to eat my first fresh fig.

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Hi All,

It is a yellow fig with a red, seedy interior. It is a good grower and appears to be quite fruitful. It has a good fig flavor and is sweet, but neither is overpowering. I'd say it is in the top 20% for first year figs, and even higher for light colored figs (from memory as I did not have any other yellow figs ripen yet this year).


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Hi James,
Thanks so much for responding.
I bought this fig earlier this year and it has grown great through out dry summer. I can't wait to get figs.
Thanks again.

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