WANTED: Native Florida Bird Pepper

scoville(9)December 12, 2008

Well,I havn't seen this listed.I have a plant ,still producing peppers,they are getting scarce lately with the colder weather.They are small(peppers)very hot,and quite prolific.They dry easily,fast front heat that dissipates quickly.A nice ornamental plant,that doesn't mind a bit of shade,Best under a tree.They have been reported to germinate slowly but I really don't have a problem,have many volunteers comming up in my 5 gal bucket.I'm pretty sure they are somewhat nematoad resistant,but not sure.I'll be growing these direct in ground next year.

My xmas wish list plant is Mexican oregano.(seeds ok)Otherwise I'm looking for plants(veggies I can grow) as companion plants in 5 gal buckets with my extensive Chile plant collection.I'm also interested in Herbs,that I can use in cooking as we have exploratory cuisine interests!(Thai,Indian,Carrib,S.Amer.Afr.)Don't mean to offend by leaving something out but we are still exploring!Let us know if you have a great recipie!We have a couple banana areas,but could use a new variety,maybe a new pineapple type,We have many orchids to trade.Hey,if you have nothing to trade we can do a sase.Get back to us!Thanks!

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Sorry!We HAVE these!Incorrect Header!

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