Pine Bark Fines Calgary

cdnbacons(z3Alta)May 8, 2008

Hi everyone! I am planning to make my own soiless mix that people are raving about in the Container forum. The major ingredient is Pine Bark Fines (roughly 1/8 inch in size), which I had never heard of, and I can't seem to locate any in the Calgary area. All that seems to be around are the big chips for mulching flowerbeds. Have any of you heard of pine bark fines and if so where one might get them around Calgary? Thank you.


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I get a very fine mulch mixture from Ornamental Garden Supplies. You can try phoning them and asking if it's composed of pine.

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What is in the homemade soilless mix?


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Thank you very much Shaz, I appreciate your help, I will call them!

Brenda, there are a number of recipes depending on your application. Go to the Container Gardening Form. The thread you want is about soil and water retention, it has over 35 postings and is still on the first page. Very interesting thread. I would have linked it here but don't have a clue how lol


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here it is:

Here is a link that might be useful: Clicky

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