Trying to save a Rubber Tree

Vanessa-In-BrooklynApril 17, 2013


I'm struggling to save a rubber tree plant which I love. Any thoughts would be so appreciated!

The plant has lost about 1/3 of its leaves and many of the others are beginning to droop (but they're still deep green, not brown/yellow). The first inch or so of visible "stalk" has turned green/brown (see photo), above that the stalks are pretty green. The stalks themselves are also feeling droopy.

I re-potted it a few days ago (same size pot) but I feel it's looking even droopier - should I wait longer while it has more time to adjust?

For the past year, it's been adorning my dresser in a relatively unlit corner of my bedroom. Then recently it started losing leaves and not thriving at all. Thinking it was needing a bit more light, I've put it out on the balcony during the day for the past 2 days. I know it doesn't want tons of light, but thought perhaps it was having a deficit.

Should I re-pot it again? Is the brown at the base a sign that it's dead at the root?

Thank you so much for any thoughts!!

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