best way to root fig cutting?

jolj(7b/8a)April 3, 2011

I am buying mail order cutting, from Meditation Flora Garden.

The site said to use the baggies for rooting.

What do you think?

1)wash cuttings in warm water, wrap cuttings in wet new paper. Keep at 75-80F degrees, until rooted, then pot up.

2) OR root in water?

3) or root in medium with root tone.

5 cutting for $8.00,$10.00 &$12.00 according to how rare they are.

What do you think?

What would you do?

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What do you think?
I think the prices are very good. Also the person is respected forum member so thats a plus and i have dealt with the person also.
Nice Lady.
What would you do?
There are many ways to root scionwood, the wetter you make the newspaper or paper towels the more you increase your chances of mold along with higher air temps.
What works for me is to use a spray bottle and lightly mist the paper towel and wrap scion leaving about 1/2 inch on the rooting end exposed node included . Lower temps increase rooting time higher temps can decrease rooting time somewhat but increase chance of mold as well.
Every other day you can open bag to inspect paper for dampness and blow some air into bag before closing.
Its a start .


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Have the cuttings budded out yet? Fig cutting are best grown form hardwood cuttings. Cuttings 8 to 10 inches long burried leaving one bud above the ground.

I plant my cuttings in February or March. The cuttings that I have this year. Some have leaves starting to grow. Others just a big bud.

Being in zone 7b you are probably a little warmer than in Atlanta, Georgia.

Click on the link below to see how figs are propagated.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fig cuttings, How To Grow

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I am No. One failure when it comes to fig Cuttings rooting. Had numerous disappointments. However finally I got one Black mission to root. I had sphagnum moss no dirt just the dried plant. I wet the Moss and raped around the cutting then put it in plastic bag and left it on the heating mat Viola I have a little tree now with three branches and 7 leaves. I pot it in one gallon pot.

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Do not have cutting as of yet. I thought they would be here by now.
But as it turned out, I am on a waiting list for Fall.
The Reference Manual of Woody Plants Propagation, BY Micheal Dirr. Says to take cuttings in February & March. But I wanted advise from person who are doing the rooting now & can correct any mistakes I may make.
Thanks for the link.
foolishpleasure, Have tried layering fig limbs?
My one tree is to little for that, but a friend is layering a small limb for me at this time.
I think it is brown Turkey.
Martin, thanks for your comment, I going to try MFG cuttings.

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Timeing is everything. About like grafting.

I take my cuttings in February and plant them where I want the fig to grow. That way I don't have to transplant them next year.

I plant the cuttings with one bud above the ground. Water if necessary. Thats all I do. They almost all grow.

Click the link and read how to propagate cuttings.


Here is a link that might be useful: How the professionals root cuttings

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campbellms(North MS 7b)

The baggie method works well...My last time had > 80% success rate...6/7 are now transplanted to pots, of cuttings taken in December. Would not recommend using rooting powder as it appears to be a mold promoter in previous trials I've done.

Lots of topics in the forum here about the baggie method, but one tweak I tried on top of dieseler's recommendation was a) making some shallow scratches at the rooting end, followed by (b) a quick dunk in a liquid rooting hormone solution before transfer to the bag.

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Jolj forgot to post link of nice video made by Mediterranean Gardens that you mentioned in first post. I enjoyed it along with the music.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks everyone for your reply.

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I went through the entire process last year, applying the bleach,storing cuttings in baggies with paper towels, fighting the mold, constant temps, and in the end they all died.

Back in Dec. I was at a customers house, he had a 10ft tree that he kept indoors, kind of gangly. He clipped off a 12" section and told me to put it in a pot of vermiculite and water it once a week. It looked dead for about 2 months but about 4 weeks ago it started to leaf out, 4 nice leaves and looks strong.

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In my cool region fig cuttings tend to rot. I have found that the rooting media should drain really well. last season I used a 50/50 mix of pumice and horticultural vermiculite, and it was still too wet and many rotted. Of course we also had a very cold summer.
This season I am trying a three way mix of sand pumice and vermiculite. I would avoid any heavier 'potting mixture'.
Stick with fairly inert stuff like sand and pumice.
Keep the root end pretty warm, 'above 70 degrees', I think.

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I live near Tarpon Springs, FL, a largely Greek community. Using cuttings, I now have two brown fig trees, four black fig trees (from Greece) and two white fig trees (from Greece I am told). I grew them all from cuttings. No idea what varieties they are.

I've been reading the forums about how to grow figs from clippings. My family in Louisiana always had figs, so allow me to share how we do it.

I bring a jar of water out to the tree, and using simple shears, I cut a few foot-long limbs. I immediately put them in the jar, take it inside, and put it in the kitchen window. For three weeks, we keep the jar topped up as the water drops. After three weeks, the leaves have all fallen off, but down in the water, we find a lot of little white bumps on each cutting. Then we take potting soil or potting mix, and just pot them. In weeks, the buds begin to leaf.

Oddly, one of my white fig cuttings produced a fig while still in the water. The leaves dropped but the fig remained. Now potted, the tiny fig tree is quite a sight with it's one growing fig.

Anybody wanting to see this oddity may email me for a picture. You might then also tell me what varieties I have. I have no idea what i have here. budbackeast

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kngskid(Georgia zone 7b)

Hi jolj, I'm wondering how your cuttings from Meditation Flora Garden turned out? I'm thinking about placing an order next year.

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