Tiger bark ficus

dshepardApril 15, 2010

alright so im into bonsai. i have two of this type. and i was at a stand still with this tree.. It was one of the b.s bonsai at home depot. so i cut more then half of it at the botoom and repotted the top that i want. There is a pretty good arial root at the top with a very developed root ball atached. That i repoted with the remaning trunk. will it survive??

I set the pot in a fish tank with some other ficus projects to keep up the humidity.. under a flouro lamp

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

F. retusa/microcarpa is a vigorous and forgiving tree (I have many as bonsai) but I don't understand what you're saying you did. It would also be helpful if we knew where you live. This time of the year is not exactly the best time to be performing any sort of radical work on tropical figs. They are generally at their lowest energy levels in Mar/Apr, so will tolerate poorly any indignities we might heap on them.


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The tree is indoor, What i did is pull the tree and cut the bottom of the trunk off completely roots and all. however there where arial roots,one of them had a root ball biger then what was on the the bottom of the trunk. i replanted the top of the trunk along whith the arial roots. and set the whole pot in a aquarium with artificial light. to keep the humidity up.. just curious if it will survive.. I diddnt care for the tree when i bought it. If this Tree survives it will be quite The Bonsai..

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