Pull off 1st yr. breba crop?

yawineyApril 21, 2013

Some varieties are putting out fruit and no leaves. Can i leave them or do they have to go?

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I think it depends on several factors such as what zone your in, what variety of fig they are, and how old are the fig tree is. Some fig varieties are known to have better breba crops and should be left on, other types of fig trees have an inferior breba crop so should be discarded to help the main crop grow better.I think it is generally advised to remove the brebas when the tree is very young.
I had a young tree last year that had one very early breba, I left it on but it never ripened.

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Let them ripen and eat them.

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Hi guys Ian new to this Froum I have two year old fig tree that I bought the lady at the store told to take the figs off the tree why

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the theory is that the tree puts energy into the brebas that could best be used in leaf and stem growth. i ignored this with my new tree for the fun of having my 1st fresh figs. they were pretty tasteless but i had fun.

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