Getting rid of Mushrooms on the Lawn ????

CrazyDaisy_68May 31, 2006

I just finished mowing the lawn and besides the weeds (which are bad enough) I also discovered mushrooms. SO, what to do? How do you get rid of them? I don't remember them being this bad last year.


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Crazy_Gardener(Z2b AB Canada)

I'll give you two choices....

eat them!
no just kidding, they could be magic, LOL

Get rid of the lawn and make a new perennial bed. ;)


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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

I think and this is just speculation, but I think that moss killer might get rid of them. Worth looking into anyway. What kind are they, big white ones, or those gross little slimy ones that grow in a ring? If they are the big white ones, they usually have a very limited "bloom" (LOL) period and if you ignore them they will probably go away.

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Get a good mushroom identifying book, and maybe you'll find that they are edible. We get some good ones on our lawn every couple of years, but never enough.

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We have the same problem with mushrooms in our lawn. Can't stand them! Counted five different types growing at the same time...can you believe it? The white ones, the ugly slimy black ones, the fairy rings and on and on.
Everything I read says that the only way to get rid of them is to dig up the ground where they are growing and remove the decaying wood in the ground. Apparently decaying wood in the fill creates perfect growing conditions.
Let me tell you, I am not about to dig up the entire yard to get rid of the mushrooms so I go around every couple of days and pick them - grocery bag full at a time. If you leave them they get really black and slimy (yuck!).
In the meantime, I am doing as Sharon suggests....the flower beds are getting bigger and bigger! Except they keep on growning in the flower beds!

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

Yeah I did some reading and the moss killer wouldn't help. Shucks. We used to get some white ones on the lawn that Dad used to eat (the rest of the family were too skeptical) and he said they were not bad but they gave him a dry mouth for a couple of days. Which is odd because he was not sick from them in any other way.

I read that about wood in the ground too, but I'm pretty sure there was no wood in our yard at the time because it had been prairie farmland five years before. Hmmm.

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luv2gro(z3a AB)

I have successfully used bleach to get rid of fairy ring. I also used it on the ugly, brown, slimy ones, but just when there is a "cluster" of them. I don't worry about individual ones. They seem to disappear on their own.

I pick the mushrooms and then carefully pour straight bleach onto the underlying mass that you can still see. Just a teaspoon or so will do the trick. It doesn't seem to kill my lawn. On fairy rings, I pour the bleach into holes that I punch into the ring. The ring disappears and the new grass fills in. I killed about 4 or 5 at our old house this way. But, as ever, I take no responsibility for anyone killing there lawn. My sometimes unorthodox ways are not always right, even though they work for me. (I've used gasoline on ants, too) LOL


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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Gee, no one is taking my option! :>

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LOL -- magic mushrooms -- aren't they only in BC???? LOL

Gee, no one is taking my option! :> LOL -- I'm with Gil's family, too skeptical! Although I am curious about the ID's because I see 2 different kinds. The white ones and some smaller brown ones (fairy ring kind???).

Shauna, I am very curious about the bleach method. Bleach mixed with water or something like that??? Do tell!

I LOVE the idea of more flower beds! That would take care of some of the weeds too! Gotta love that. (OK, I may end up weeding a flower bed instead of fighting them on the lawn --- now which one do I prefer???)

OH yeah, and the rotting wood comment -- yes that would fit. We removed about 3 trees from our front lawn when we moved here and I know that there are roots everywhere yet. Anytime I dig a new flowerbed I hit roots somewhere.


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luv2gro(z3a AB)

Just straight bleach, Ang. But, like I said, only about a teaspoon at each location. I don't spray it because I don't want it to go onto the rest of the lawn but I pour it directly onto the spot I removed the 'shrooms from.

We used to eat all of the hard white ones from the lawn when I lived at home. But, my dad, being a good homesteader, really knew how to identify his mushrooms. It is one art of his that I really, really wished I'd paid more attention to. I remember him bringing in a white puffball that fed our entire family of five for supper - just the puffball - no other food. But then, my family would also eat only asparagus or only corn on the cob for supper some nights, too. We loved that. Dad was also good at bringing in the mushrooms with the bright colored, velvety tops. I can't remember whether it was the big yellow ones or the big red ones, so I'd probably be growing white wings and carrying a harp very soon if I tried that. (Combine that thought with my "slightly" tarnished halo. LOL) I remember that he used to bring in a mushroom and leave the cap on black paper overnight. It had something to do with it leaving or not leaving a powdered spore pattern as to whether it was edible or not. If it was, he would go out and pick the rest of them. But wild mushrooms also go wormy very, very quickly and quite often he wouldn't get anymore of that type until the following year.

I bought a book on identifying wild mushrooms (come to think of it, I haven't seen it in awhile). But, even after reading it, I wasn't confident enough to actually go out and find any. They sure are good though when they are edible.


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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

My mushroom book (Audubon) showed how to do a spore print, and i used to do that quite a bit with mushrooms i was trying to identify. It was a bit of a hobby for a few years back when. There are a lot that are edible and none ever made us sick. Just lucky, i guess! It was fun looking for different mushrooms, and the kids used to bring specimens home for me to identify. Memories... :)

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luv2gro(z3a AB)

I found this picture on the "Going Wilder in the Kitchen" website. This is very similar to the puffball that my father found, although I think Dad's was probably half the size of this one. Easily fed our family, anyway. Mom just sauteed it in butter. I do remember it being really, really good.

Picture credit ©Robert Saunders 2003


Here is a link that might be useful:

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We checked out the mushroom books as enough to really scare us.
Used to go mushroom picking with my mother when I was jsut a wee thing. There are a couple of types that I recognize and would be confident about picking BUT the ones on our lawn certainly aren't any of those.
My DH laughs at me - seems to be a bit of a battle of wits between me and the mushrooms! The minute I spot one, I'm out there pouncing on it. No way those beggars are going to win the battle. I know - get a life! LOL
Anyway, they seem to shoot up overnight - nothing in the evening and then by the middle of the next day there's a mushroom that's about 6" in diameter.
I've heard that at the university here (Lakehead) there is a prof that specializes in identifying mushrooms. Have been tempted to contact him and take some of these in, but haven't quite got to that yet.
The bleach is an interesting idea. Gotta try that.

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Margaret, a friend of mine works in the Forestry Dept. at the University. She used to pick fairy ring mushrooms and preserve them in vegetable oil and use them in cooking. I guess they're okay to eat, but i've never tried them.

We don't get the giant puffballs around here - not that i've ever seen, anyway - but the small ones are good. Takes more than one to feed a crowd, though! LOL

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I don't know about all this LOL stuff I have them in my yard and I'm worried about my dog ,just want to know if anyone knows how to get rid of them ,no recipes no jokes .

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bdgardener(3 AB)

I'm having a real chuckle about this thread. It is such a shame that we, me included don't feel confident to test eat wild mushrooms. My gramma used to pick all sorts and fry them up and put them in mushroom perogies. My fav. I have a book and an app on my phone and still am not confident. My neighbour will pick some in the field and eat them. He says if you find a clump and turn them over and see some worms in them they are edible. Just find some that don't have the worms.

As for the ones in the lawn a friend read somewhere to use corn gluten. Don't quote me on it. Maybe something to research.


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I recently found a website on this topic, but it had info in it I had not heard before. Can you tell me if this is accurate? The website is Thanks, for helping.

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Get a 5 gallon pail
put 5 cups of bleach into it
add a high nitrogen furtilizer for 5 gal
add 1/2 cup liquid soap.
let set till foam is gone fill to 5 gal mark
punch holes in middle of mushroooms, then 4" out avay from curve about every 6" then another 6" out, 4-6" deep.
pour solution down the holes to soak the dirt, this may take a few buckets of it.
Then water it till area wet a couple times a day for say a week.
You have to get the solution under any rocks that are below the grass. This worked for me.

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Hi! :) I am just in the middle of creating my domain on the web. I have a chemical combination that kills them at the roots and grows the grass back. There is also a way of putting it on that comes with the package. email me if you want to try it out.

Kind regrads,

Kjeryn Davis

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Gonna try the bleach method...... Will update as to how it goes........

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Just keep picking them before cutting the lawn...actually, someone in Edmonton will buy the fairy ring. Eventually the ring gets larger and larger until it's dead, the grass always grew back
to the inside first without any treatment.

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Several years ago I had a big bunch of mushrooms in the front yard. They seemed to be spreading in lines, not rings. One morning I came out and picked a full 5 gallon bucket from one day�s growth. They looked like they were progressing to the neighbor�s yards.

I did some research and some university sites said golf courses used a product, I think called "Prairie", but I could not find any sources. They also used a "wetting agent".

I finally decided to try a fungicide. I bought GreenLight brand Fung-away from a local nursery. The product came in a hose end sprayer. I added some of the wife�s laundry spot cleaner "Sunburst" as a wetting agent. I used one quart in an area of about 15 by 20 feet. Then I soaked it in good, trying to get it deep enough to get to the actual fungus area. This worked. I used one Qt Sept 08, and had to use another Pint along the edge of the previous infection in Aug 10. No more mushrooms. However, in July, 11 I have a new infection, in a line, right at the edge of the area I previously treated.

Green Light no longer makes or sells Fung-away. My container label was damaged, but the active ingredient as best I can see was Triadmegon, Triaoliyil and Chionophanory. Do not quote me on these names, the label is almost gone.

Since I could not buy Fung-away, I tried a Bayer Advanced product called Fungus Control for Lawns, with Propiconazole. I made two applications, first 8 oz with Shout in July, and the rest of the quart in early September. Today I picked more mushrooms on that line.

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Just like the popular Dandelion:
~ Only her round seed head/flower & root(esp. the Long taproot) can help penetrate wider, wondering which parts of the lawn/meadow Mushrooms're poisonous or contribute their distribution?

BTW- Chances any knew: What fruit Please? TIA.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Not sure if the above post is legit but now that this is up at the top we had a fairy ring when we first planted the lawn here and I bought some potassium permanganate(SP) from the drug store and mixed it with water I think 1 tsp per gallon no more fairy ring.

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