lots of yellow leaves on my cassia bicapsularis

teeka0801January 28, 2009

Is this because of the cold front we had move through?

On some websites it says they are zone 8-11, others say 10a-10b.

I have several of these plants and they ALL have(suddenly) many yellow leaves. I didn't think of covering them and other than my copperleaf plants that lost ALL their leaves, my crotons seem fine and I thought these were more cold sensitive than the butterfly bush.

These are all the different names this plant goes by:

Senna bicapsularis

(Butterfly Bush, Butterfly Cassia, Christmas Senna, Golden Shower, Winter Cassia, Yellow Candle Wood)

Thanks. Teeka

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Your Cassia is reacting to the cold front. Not a surprise. Your Crotons will take another few days to drop leaves (the 10-day rule.) And even down here, in zone 10, all the leaves have dropped from my Acalypha as well.

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My popcorn cassia is just starting to turn yellow. However, it is sprouting seed pods. If anyone wants any let me know. It is the most wonderful smell!!


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as I was out in the yard today I also noticed the leaves of the variegated mahoe that's in a large container are turning color, like a deciduous tree would, except it's an evergreen... my two other mahoes in the ground are just fine.

Hibiscus also looks a bit sad.

I hope my crotons hold up, I have so many of them....I did cover 50% of them, but just not enough covers for everyone:(


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You can cover the Crotons all you want, but they are still going to drop leaves. Remember, Codieaum variegatum is in reality a small tree not a shrub.

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four(9B (near 9a))

> Posted by shellfreak
> seed pods. If anyone wants any let me know.

Yes, please.
(The Popcorn, not the bicapsularis.)

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My Hawaiian Ti plant is turning yellow. It is quite large with huge green leaves...all are yellowing. It looks like it might not make it. Was wondering today if it could have been the cold last week. It never got below 38 in Sarasota, so I'm not sure.


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