Nursery in Birmingham, AL

nkesh099(6)April 17, 2010

Hello everyone;

I just wanted to share a review on a nursery that I visited this morning. Its called "Petals from the past" and they are located about 45 miles from Birmingham, AL.

They have many variety of fig trees and other fruit trees. The nursery is HUGE, there were at least 150 cars there and so many people shopping. They had so much traffic that the staff were guiding the cars through the parking lot.

Anyway, what got my attention was the price for their fig trees. The 1 gallon tree was $9.00 and the 3 gallon was $19.99. I was there for two hrs and got to spoke to the horticulturist for fig tree.

Here is the list of the varieties they cary (which I saw there);

Alma (1 or 3 gallo)

Panache or Tiger (1 or 3 gallon)

Texas Everbg (only 1 gallon)

Celeste (10r 3 gallon)

OanKee (1or 3 gallon0

LSU Purple (1 or 3 gallon)

Lemon (1 or 3 gallon)

Black Italian (they have this one only in 1 gallon pot)

Brown Turkey (only in 1 gallon pot)

Italian Honey (1 or 3 gallon)

and few other varieties which I don't remember.

They also have over 30 huge fig bushes (the diameter of the branches were about 25 to 35 inches) of LSU Purple, Celeste and... which the owner told me that in Aug. you can go and pick them from the tree and buy it by pounds.

I bought few fig trees, one Pomegranate tree and many tomato, Cucumber, Eggplant, Okra and... plants.

I go to Birmingham every month or so and I wish I had found this place earlier this season before buying my trees from the nursery that I bought. I WON'T name them, but I know few of this forum members buy trees from them. I bought 4 trees from them earlier this season and 3 of the has FMV and their trees are way over priced.

You all can find the website for "Petals from the past" in internet and call them and ask them about their trees. I know they also ship to.

I was not excepting too much for a $9.00 fig tree when I saw it in there website BUT all their trees are nice size and very healthy. I pulled many of the fig trees out of their pots and checked the roots for any NPK and find none of it. If any of you guys are around AL and have some free time, I'll advise you to go there and check it out.


P.S. I took some pics too but got to figure out how to post them.

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Thanks for posting this. I've been looking for an excuse to drive down to Birmingham. I've also emailed them to see if they will ship their 3 gallon plants.

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I think you should go there. I went there again today and bought more fig trees. The horticulturist even he showed me how to trim a fig tree on a White Marseilles tree and at the end he gave me all those branches.
I will definitely go there to get more fruit trees.


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I haven't found the time to drive down there yet (it's a long trip) but I did order two figs from them. Both the lemon fig and lsu purple fig look great. They are a little short (these are 1 gal) but their roots are good and the cutting size used to propagate the fig is very thick. I'm very happy with the money spent there. For what it is worth their communication is outstanding.

Here is a little pic of the Lemon Fig

And the lemon fig's roots

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Sorry for the late delay. I'm glad that you were happy with your purchase. Their prices are really cheap and non-exorbitant compare to other nurseries that I have purchased fig trees from.
When I was there I did pull out many of their fig trees out of their pots and all their roots were healthy w/o any RNK.
I usually go down to Birmingham every other month (its about 8 hrs of driving from where I live). When I was there, I picked the biggest 1 Gallon and 3 Gallon trees that they had fro sale. For example, the 1 G trees that I purchased from them are between 20-26 inches tall (1.5-2.5 inch in diameter) and the 3 Gallon ones are 36+ inches tall (3.5 and 5 inches in diameter) . I will go there again in July and plan to visit the nursery to pick some fresh figs and might buy couple more trees too.


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