Help! My ficus is wilting unusually.

jlovesplants(7)April 6, 2011

I acquired a ficus plant (that was going to be thrown away)for free from a garden center in December 2010. The plant seemed fine until about a month ago (March). It has started to wilt one branch at a time slowly, but progressively, across the plant. Now all of the foliage that is still alive is on one side of the plant. I've had to cut all of the dead branches on the other side. The plant isn't loosing leaves, but some of them are wilting and just hanging there. Some of the remaining leaves have a paler green or discoloration on their margins. Could this be a virus or nematodes? Any suggestions on what I should do (other than throwing the plant out)? I have a picture of the plant and it's leaves to submit as well if you need more information, but I haven't figured out where to post it here.

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Are you sure the limbs are actually dying, or is the foliage that's dying?

Did you have a hard freeze a month ago, and the tree could be dying back?

From what I've read, it could also be a bad case of nematodes, or even gophers eating the roots.

It could also be some sort of disease. You mentioned a paler green... if the leaves are mottled with paler green, maybe it's mosaic virus? If the leaves are not turning yellow, then it's probably not suffering from drought.

I got pictures up on my fig question by uploading them to Photobucket and then linking to them in my post. :)

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Thanks LeopardMoth, for your response.

I was pretty sure the limbs were dying; the cambium layer inside the canes was brown and dry. I had the plant indoors so I don't think any freeze affected it. It probably did have mosaic virus or nematodes. I decided to throw it away.
Thanks anyway.

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That's a real shame, wish you could have saved it, but you can only do so much.

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I am suspecting that the garden center who gave it awy knew it has the disease.

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