Leaves and buds but no roots

janoyanApril 8, 2010

Hi All:

Can anyone explain to me the following phenomena ?

Early last fall I put 6 cuttings in a plastic jar, filled it with water and a bit of compost soil. Kept it in the garage, out of sight and forgot about it. Just a few days ago I found the jar with the cuttings, and much to my surprise they all had fresh buds or leaves but NO ROOTS. No roots in sight.

I always thought that roots were essential, and the first step for any cutting to come to life.

Just a short time ago, I decided not to push my luck any further, and planted them individually in 20 gal planters that have good soil and compost, at a somewhat sheltered location outdoors.

I welcome your comments and thoughts about this mini-miracle.



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Sounds like the scion was in a type of dormant stage in garage thru the winter such as like when a person stores them in the refrigerator.
Leaves sometimes appear before roots, as things warm up it may or may not get roots eventually.

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Thanks for your input, Martin.

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