new fig replant

dtrade83April 17, 2012

I just moved the fig cuttings that I rooted out of the pot I was rooting them in to a pot for each fig cutting. the next day the four or five leaves on each plant are wilting and sickly looking. I figure this is from stress. If so what can I do to help them

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You must have disturbed the (still fragile) roots.
Place them in a shaded place with some (vented) plastic dome.

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Here is what I suggest you do...


Moving is always stressful for kids, pets and fig trees. Below is a picture I just now took showing my 6 newest fig trees. Yes, they are in a fairly shaded place, in commerical potting soil, watered twice in the week. These cuttings were all full of leaves. Now the leaves are fallen. THIS IS GOOD!

The poor dears are refocusing their energy from leaf production to root production. When you've gotten one new fully opened little leaf, you will know that all is well. Give it up to two weeks. Now, drought, overwatering, and occasionally fungus will kill the little guys, but new cuttings are always available, and often for free.

Did you know that the oldest living tree 'planted by man' is a fig tree? it is called the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi, a cutting from the Buddha's Bodhi tree, planted in Sri Lanka in 288 B.C., a cutting from an original which was probably 300-400 years older than even that date. This should be an indication of how hardy figs trees can be. So please do not worry if you lose all of your leaves. Just avoid direct sunlight, give it some but not too much water, and ignore the poor thing. It's not dead. It will let you know how it is doing in its own good time.

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budbackeast thank you for the great info

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