Does anyone cut fig trees to the ground every year?

feedindyApril 30, 2011

I went to Longwood Gardens today in Kennett Square, PA (a huge public garden) and I went over to look at their fig trees and they chopped them all down to the ground. They had several humongous ones about 10 feet tall each last year. There was so much new growth coming from the ground though. It got me thinking... does anyone just chop their fig tree down to the ground each year?

Frost always gets my figs but they seem to come back from the bottom or ground in spring. I am always to lazy to wrap it up to protect it from the frost.

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Forgive my bluntness, but plants are like animals to me.
If you do not take care of a plant, you do not need it.
I had a fig tree die to the ground in zone 7b/8a.
After this happening more then once, I found out that old wood stands up better to cold.
I also found out that you should water fig trees once a week in the winter in South Carolina.
So I have learned a lot from this forum.

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Never heard of doing this. Family tree was over 20 years old, big as a shed, unwatered, unpruned and unfertilized. Nearly a hundred figs each year. Amazing.

But were it cut to the ground, how big could it grow each year? How many figs could one expect from such a tree? Makes no sense to me. Just sayin'.

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Some trees don't produce a breba crop or the breba crop does not ripen because it needs to be pollinated or just does not taste good. In such cases I have heard of people severely pruning their trees back while dormant. The next season they grow lots of new wood which produce main crop figs. However I have never heard of anyone who cuts them all the way to the ground.

Remember; The breba crop is grown on last seasons wood. The main crop is grown on new wood thats grown the current year.

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