NEW cuttings have small leaves ?

hrhcsh(7)April 8, 2011

I received some cuttings from a friend today in the mail, they have small buds starting to form and some are starting to open into leaves, Can I still get these to form roots? What would be the best way to do it ? Apparently the temperatures were warm enough to cause the tree to start budding for the season. But he cut them and sent them to me anyway...

Advice would be appreciated. :>)

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It depends on how you are going to root them, by Bag, by Cup with water or wet moss. First you have to determine the top and the bottom of each cutting and make sure to leave one or two buds on the top uncovered. Some people think if you remove a very thin lawyer of skin from the bottom may be 4-5 inches long it makes it root quickly. I never tried it.

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Hi, A lot of time the buds will start to break dormancy and grow. The baggie method conditions that I use are not exactly great for green growth so the start of green growth sometimes starts to rot before the root initials or roots form. But thats OK because once you get the roots and transfer to cups and expose to ambient light new green growth will start. I recently put a video on youtube that shows how I do it. They say a pictures worth a thousand words.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to root cuttings using the baggie method

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