lambs ears blooms

soxxxxJune 8, 2011

Lambs ear blooms?

This is the first year ever that I have had lambs ears get to the blooming stage. Our heat and humidity usually turn them to mush by June.

At this time they have multiple foot high spikes of flowers. The question is what do I do now?

Leave the flower stalks on to matuity?

Cut them off for more blooms later?

Anything else?

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Do you like the blooms? If so, keep them until they need to be cut back. If not, remove them. It's as you wish. I grow a variety that doesn't bloom, although I do enjoy the ones that do.

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The bloom is fairly small and pale. I have seen several
situations where the color is picked up by a larger flower in
the pinky-purple range and the combination is very pretty, especially with the soft silver lambs ear leaves. I can't remember now what the companions were.

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I think they have quite a pretty colored bloom and leave mine on as the bees seem to like them. I always intend to deadhead them but there are always a lot of bees around them so don't. Really, it's just as easy to pull the seedlings as to deadhead.

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