2 Bud Queens for Wednesday

anniegolden(z7a)June 27, 2012

FYI, these are all repeats, so those of you who are interested in seeing new ones may wish to skip.

LADY LUCILLE, bud queen supreme at my house. I can't help gushing about this one. (I feel like the tiresome mother, constantly bragging about her two-year-old who already knows all the letters, and can count to 20, and is learning to play the violin.) She is a true late and unlike other lates was not confused by the weird weather. There have been only a couple of blooms so far, but look at the buds! The photo on the left is the scape with the highest bud count - 39! The photo of twins is a bloom from last week, as no buds are opening today.

CIMARRON ROSE, 1st runner up. FFO was June 6 and it has been non-stop since then and no sign of letting up. The (rather terrible) photo on the left was taken this morning, the other 2 photo were taken on Monday. This is a large flower - 6+ inches.

MANDARIN'S CLOAK (new last year) looking good today. Goodness, I didn't realize until I did 'preview message' how similar the coloration is between CIMARRON ROSE and MANDARIN's CLOAK.

CHANG DYNASTY This one in turning into a favorite. Very large and rubbery and every bloom opens perfectly.

Thanks for looking.


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WOW!!! what a bloom machine Lady Lucille is, I also really like Chang Dynasty.

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shive(6b TN)

That's fabulous bud count and branching on Lady Lucille, especially in a year like this! Is she also a heat buster? Your clump of Cimarron Rose looks gargantuan. How long have you had that one? If you still have that many buds left on it, Cimmaron Rose must be a winner. Change Dynasty is a beauty!


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Debra, yes LL is a heat buster, although she is on the east side of a picket fence and gets filtered relief from the sun during the hottest part of the day. CR is gargantuan and was planted as a double fan in spring 2010. The rebloom on CR just extended non-stop from the original bloom. Somehow I think CR just really liked the strange weather this year. As for Change Dynasty, this is the hands down best in my garden of all the Stamile's.

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Wow -- I think I WANT Lady Lucille! Thanks for posting.

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Fabulous bloomers. And beautiful to boot. Lovely pictures too.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Every nice an an interesting way to present the pictures with great information. I pick LADY LUCILLE. Can't beat all those scapes and buds ha-ha. I love great doers.

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mizellie(z7 Al)

Lots of pretties here. I really like CD too! Oh, to have a bud count like you have on the top one.

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Julia NY(6)

I always enjoy seeing lots of scapes and buds.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

WOW/LADY LUCILLE really has the buds and a beauty, too. looks like it will be blooming for a long time. CIMARRON ROSE is a beauty, too. and MANDARRIN'S CLOAK is very pretty.cant pick a favorite, as I like them all, verry pretty.


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Wow, 39 buds, that's awesome. And she's late too. I like all of them, and especially Cimarron Rose, looks like it really likes your garden!

    Bookmark   June 28, 2012 at 12:22AM
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