Fig leaves wilted, tree dying

turtle_hill_gardenApril 27, 2009

I planted two fig trees last spring and they did fine through the season, even made a few figs. However, this spring some of the main branches of both trees never sprouted out and are obviously dead. Now suddenly another large portion of one of the trees is dying. The leaves of an entire main branch wilted overnight, but the other leaves look fine. It's been windy here, but not extremely hot or dry. I just joined GardenWeb, and I don't yet know how to include a photo with this post.

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Here in Arizona, fig trees dying usually mean a gopher is at work underground enjoying those delicious fig roots.

I am not sure about yours though, if part of the tree is still fine.

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I had a potted fig that wilted overnight, turned out was loaded with RKN

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Try repotting the fig tree if it is growing in a container.

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