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marricgardensMay 27, 2012

We went to 3 of them yesterday. Why are they always just in the mornings? Any how I bought 2 hostas - Paul's Glory was a deal at $10 for a 2 L pot and a small unknown green one, 2 more Soloman's Seal to fill in the space at my hosta bed, 2 red Primroses, a Swedish Ivy (houseplant), Mourning Widow geranium and Korean Bellflower. Oh, almost forgot my daylily. It was labeled Red Rim but there is none by that name but there is a Red Rum, $3. I actually got everything planted in the afternoon! Marg

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

They're in the morning so that the 5 people who actually help out at these things can get the heck out of there by lunch time! LOL

Ours was yesterday, 9-noon, but it ran a bit longer. I find that a lot of people around here seem to want "the usual". I could have sold a bunch of petunias but i didn't have any. We couldn't sell the hostas we had - i mean, we sold a bunch but not all of them. These were "Frances Williams" - not an unusual hosta but nice nonetheless. Most of my lilies went, but not too many of the Therese Bugnet roses - they were little, but where else are you going to get a rose like that for $2?! Nobody wanted any ornamental grasses either.

Amd there wasn't even much of a dent put in the tomatoes. Maybe because it's so cold out - dunno.

Speaking of which, what i had to bring home is still in the back of my van and i don't want to go out into the cold and rain to take them out. Heck, THEY don't want to come out - i'm sure of that!

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Heck Marcia, if I lived closer I would have come for Frances Williams. Rosie slept on mine so often she killed it! I also donated a lot of iris and poppies to the sale here and I will find out tomorrow night how they went. Here's Rosie, sitting nicely for once.

Wish we would get some rain. We were supposed to get 70% chance of rain but only got about 7 drops. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Marg

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Rosie is a sweetie! :)

I finally did go out and get those plants out of the van. They were quite happy in there!

Brenda, who sometimes posts here, has her own perennial sales and she does quite well. I don't think there are enough people around here who want to try anything very different. When we first started our Hort. Society and went around to people's gardens, everyone had the same things!

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Yes, Marcia is correct. I do have my own perennial sales. My girlfriend and I have had a garage sale on the last Friday and Saturday of May each year for the past 16 years. Over the years, I ended up having less and less stuff but more and more perennials that needed dividing. This year I only sold $8.00 worth of stuff and the rest was all perennials.

I divide different perennials each year. You never know what you will find when you come to my sale.

I also have a table at the Brandon Farmer's Market with perennials, fruit from our acreage and excess veggies.

All monies I make from the sales go back into purchasing perennials for the flowerbeds...and veggie seeds, annuals, planters, tools, a garden shed, lawn seed, etc etc.

As for the topic of this thread...Our garden club has a sale each spring...the week following my garage sale (as they wish to use my price tags and perennial pictures). So, this year it is taking place this coming Friday and Saturday. You never know what will come to the sale as a donation.

The best thing that came as a donation was a beautiful heuchera seedling that I was privleged to purchase. It has really come into its own lately.


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Brenda, that heuchera is beautiful! Marg

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