Fig Deadwood

dieselerApril 11, 2010

Thought i would post this often talked about but not seen much on forum picturewise upclose.

Deadwood from my fig tree i cut today , fig tree itself was badly damage.

What i never notice was 2 limbs had split from trunk in storage maybe someone bump it hard i dont know. Anyways i cut one off and sealed the one that was not as bad, tree may or may not sprout a bud at bottom or shoot up a sucker if it does i will let it grow and propagate it and get rid of this one period.The inside of this wood is dry as can be and the sticks themselves for the newer member are light as a feather compared to one normal scion same size for lack of any moisture content within.


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I noticed you use that tare looking stuff to seal the cut ends to stop the bleeding or to keep it from getting infected.

I like to use ashes from wood, coal or ciggs etc etc.
For the extreme/large cuttings, Say like sawing off the air layed part usually you are left with at least an inch or so wide cut, I hit it with the propane torch and burn it sealed. Does no hurt the tree at all. Stops the bleeding right away.


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This plant had not lignified properly. If it was my plant, I would have stored it in a place not as cold as an unheated garage in zone 5. I hope the roots are OK and will sprout. Let us know if it does.

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