Fig trees making figs now before leaves are on

fespoApril 15, 2010

Hello all, I took my fig trees out of the garge about 2 weeks ago. We have been having real warm temps here in Chicago land the last couple of weeks. My trees are budding out and the leaves are staring to form out. Also new little figs are starting to come out too. I don't know the name, I bought them 3 summers ago at Lowes, with just cold hardly fig tree lable on it. The trees are growing great, last year I had alot of figs for the little tree that I have.

So, do I remove this little figs or let them grow? thanks Frank

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Its normal leave them on now and eat them later.

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These are probably breba figs. Some cultivars shed them over time while others dont. I say leave them on and see what happens (especially if they are desert king and if you remove them you won't get any figs this year).

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Hi Fespo,
im just south of chicago and get breba that first crop of figs is what your getting now mine rarely ripen because of quick changes in our weather that can get cold and they fall in time and waste energy. I have left some on but only a few have made it for me to ripen stage.
If you take them off in the end you wont be missing much as the main crop in fall taste much better for many variety's anyways and energy saved will help the tree in the season ahead.
Beautiful weather we are having but its about to change starting tomorrow night when night lows will be in 30s and more normal high 50 to low 60 temps.

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OK I posted a question about my fig trees in another thread, but this one raises more questions (dang I need to learn about figs!) One of my trees is bare (no leaves etc). The other is bare of leaves but has had little figs on it all winter. Lots and lots of them....will that reduce this year's crop? Arghhhh this danged garden is going to get the best of me LOL

Do fig trees look different depending on the type??? If I posted a pic of my two would it be easy to tell the difference or is it impossible given they're bare....

It's pretty mild here (pacific northwest) but we did have some pretty cold temps this winter (for other house is alaska so in comparison it's warm always here LOL) Would those have damaged the crop?????

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