a beautiful cottage home is about to be destroyed

ianna(Z5b)June 18, 2014

by silly local policies... Check out this link..

Its a very nice cottage too. Reminds me of a Hobbit's home.

Here is a link that might be useful: natural house to be destroyed

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What a bummer... Sure looks like a lot of thought & love was put into that precious cottage.... Sigh

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Elraes Miller

It would be a pleasure to have this house as my neighbor. And to know the wonderful creative artist living there. What wonderful detail work which must have taken painstaking time to incorporate. I am sad he did not get approval, let's hope he has some way to seek inspection and be able to comply or the counsel see how wonderful the home is.

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That is a beautiful house,..it appears full of natural materials,..Local Councils have strange ideas as to what is allowed yet they allow weird designs full of glass.


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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

It's still there. The Council have not yet come to a decision.

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I love that house! I admire those young people working so hard to be self-sufficient and not homeless.

I signed the petition and wish I could do more, but I suppose a Welsh planning counsel won't be concerned with the thoughts of an old woman out on the American prairie.

I want a house like that one!!!

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