Leaves wilting after cuttings transplanted from perlite 2 soilmix

bonechickchris(7A/6B NJ 08731)April 21, 2011


I know this may sound similar to a post already on here, but my leaf wilting is not from established cuttings like the other poster.

Actually, I had these cuttings in straight perlite cups and all were doing well. They rooted nicely and had a couple pairs of leaves. So I figured it was time to transplant them to larger containers, with some soil along with perlite (about 50/50)

Well, after doing this in the evening, I woke up in the morning (about 12 hours later) and the leaves on the newly transplanted cuttings were wilted and limp.

I do not think it is from too much water, because I never even got to water them yet, they were only in soil and perlite that I lightly moistened before planting.

I would assume that it is more from transplant/root shock?

The leaves do not seem like they are going to recover, so I assume the leaves affected will soon be falling off.

However, the cuttings are still alive (at the moment) and still have their green tips from which the orginal leaves emerged.

Is it possible that I will only lose the limp leaves, and the cutting will just continue on to produce more new leaves?

I was just curious how much of a survival my cuttings have after being affected from the transplant effects and losing some leaves.

Anything I should do to help save them?

Thanks! Christy

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At this time of the year for my zone, I would rather leave my fig plants alone - until weather warms up alittle more before moving them to 1gal pot. I believe your plant is going thru transplant shock with sudden change to the root zone(sudden temp. change). Perhaps you should consider providing some extra humidity like placing a bag over it. I have saved many plants in past years by placing them in my empty aquarium and using a plastic bag(garbage bag)to cover the top of the aquarium. Sometimes I even placed the aquarium over a forced air heat register.

Good luck.

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Hi Christy,

I have a similar question as you, but I have not yet transplanted my cuttings. I have about 8 Brown Turkey cuttings in 100% perlite with a cut-off two liter bottle over each to maintain humidity. Several of them have a few sets of small leaves. I'd like to transplant to a soil/perlite mix but I'm scared, especially after reading your post.

I'd be interested in hearing opinions about when and how to transplant to avoid die off.


*I had a couple of pics to post but I'm not the most tech-savvy person and can't figure out how to do it.

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I am new to rooting cuttings. I slowly transistioned my cuttings from 70/30 perlite /soil mix.

This was my process from start to finish. Maybe you can figure out something for yourselves.

1) rooted in water or sphagnum moss

2) Put in soil mix of 70% perlite/ 30% pro-MIX soil

3) put in bins with 100% humidity

4) Once rooted to my liking, transferred to 50/50 mix of same components in 1 gal pots.

5) Put pots near North facing window out of direct light. used humidifier to raise humidity level in room to 90-100%

6) Over the course of a week, slowly lowered the humidity in room to normal levels by turning humidifier on and off at different intervals

7 Once in room for a day or two at normal levels, move to room with south facing light

8) Transfer outside to shade to acclimate outside, slowly acclimate to light

I still have lost some cuttings due to poor root development. At least 2/3 have survived to this point, which is outside in shade.

Good luck!
I'm new to this so take it with a grain of salt.

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