grumbling today..... :(

lisa_3(5)June 14, 2012

This has just been an off year for daylilies in NW Ohio. With the mild winter and dry hot spring, and now the weather alternates between way too hot for normal and dry and way to cool for normal and dry it is really affecting the flowers. Consistant doubles aren't doubling, almost everything is short and blooms are small, colors sometimes way off compared to normal, and many not opening fully due to the cool temps this week. I've had a strange white coating on some of the leaves that eventually leads to those leaves dying (NEVER saw that before) which I treated with a fungicide beause that was the only thing I could guess it was. It looks like the leaves were lightly white washed-or hit by a large flock of birds. And the worst of the whole thing is that this year I offered my garden for a garden tour next month-and right now it looks like a disaster compared to normal years. **sigh** While I had a lot of flowers opening this morning, almost all were only 1/2 open, including my new seedlings with their first blooms-by the time I get off tonight, they will be sun faded.

Now that I have done my cranky whine for the season, I sure hope the weather settles down soon and for the first time in my life-I really hope this next winter is cold again. lol

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shive(6b TN)

The weather has really done a number on a lot of plants this year. I sympathize with your crankiness.


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I keep thinking the crazy weather is going to go away-and then all the sudden we get an extreme high or low-and so little rain. And I'd love to know what the white stuff is on the leaves. I've been growing daylilies for over 10 years and have never seen it. I looked up diseases on the AHS page and it doesn't look like anything listed in there. The closest was powdery mildew, but it doesn't look quite the same.

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dementieva(Zone 9 - Houston)

Do you have a photo?


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We didn't realize how wonderful last year was, with all the moisture (and even with some horribly hot weather in mid-July). Some cultivars here have yet to have a decent flower. It's a reminder of how ugly daylilies can be when they don't open well.

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I sympathize. We're just now starting to see the first blooms, but they're downright ugly. I've already had way too many buds drop off due to the lack of rain. I think I'm going to have to get on a regular watering schedule.

Sorry, I don't know what your leaf issue is, either. Photos?


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I totally feel your pain! My garden is on Regional tour two weeks from tomorrow and we're at or near peak today!!! So, there's first of all the stress of wondering exactly what will still be blooming in two weeks. Then there's the foliage.
I have every expensive fungicide and insecticide in the book and have sprayed at least 5-6 times, but 1) leaf miners and 2) those white marke - I have concluded that the white marks could possibly be SLUG TRAILS as we've had rain recently - these have not been helped a lot by what I've been spraying with. A couple of nights ago, I tried the Bayer systemic with a hose end sprayer to see if that would help at all. We'll see! The Cleary's 3336 did seem to help with leaf streak but the (expletive) leaf miners are driving me crazy. Although the experts say that this doesn't come from columbines, I had leaf miners in my columbines and have now yanked them completely out. The daylily foliage nearest to where the columbine leaf miners were located seem to be the most affected by leaf miners, so I still wonder about that??

Note: i treat hosta with slug slug preventative but have never thought it was needed on dayliliy foliage. Now I wonder? Sometimes at night, I have seen big slugs out and about this year. Has anyone else noted slugs?

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Not the best pic, but I had cut some of the worst leaves off and have been treating with fungicide.

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At first glance, it lools like bird droppings, but the amount there had been I would have had to have had FLOCKS of birds intentionally bombing my plants, and I don't think that would happen lol. Plus the leave that were affected before I began treating, turned yellow then brown.

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Sorry to hear about your problems, and especially in the tour year!
My only double so far is Double Classic, haven't seen a normal double yet. Lots of yellowing and dying leaves, and more and more drying up buds here :( But! I loved the mild winter, and wouldn't mind it repeating.
I don't know about white on leaves, I found some white coating on buds. I think it's mites or something like this.
About slugs - I think they are here already, some hostas have holes. Last year we have none and hostas stayed intact. The year before they were bad.

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Ok, shouldn't be saying, but the first thing that came into my mind was mealy bug. Maybe you could research that. Too new at growing these plants and mine are having the same issues you've all mentioned.

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I keep telling myself that apple growers and grape vineyards around here really are losing with a good part of the apple crop destroyed but I still am unhappy about all the buds on Lemon Lily turning to mush because they froze, I keep hoping that scapes forming now will be half way decent but it sounds as if now we are going to need to water--well, at least my foxfloves look good and my dahlias are coming along----------------Weedy

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