Guys, should i keep this or throw it away?

westcoastgrowerApril 25, 2011

I got a cutting from an italian winery in Napa Valley in november, its been 5 months and it has only grown about 1 inch and 1/2. should i wait longer or throw it away? it grew during january when it wan indoors. but nothing since then.

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this is the mother tree:

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Doesn't look dead to me.
I would hold on to it. It should start to move sooner or later.

If you think that's bad? I have a Smith cutting in a 20oz. cup since last year. Hasn't grown at all, Still with the same couple 2in. green leaves on it.


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genecolin(Zone 9, LA)

Although it's hard to tell by the picture, it seems to be infected with FMV by the color of the leaves (light and dark areas)and yellowed leaves. Perhaps it could be suffering from lack of nutrients, causing the light colored leaves. If it has FMV it may take some time to start growing and if you lucky enough it will send out a side branch that will take off and grow normal. Wish you luck, and I would let it grow.

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it has light green/yellow leaves because it was growing inside my house.

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I would love to know which winery you got this at. Have you been able to try figs off of this tree?


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I got the cutting from turnbull winery in the napa valley, i didnt try the figs but i think its a black mission.
i found a pic on the web, the mother tree with dark figs.

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My guess is it needs indirect sun and a bit more watering.

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I have cuttings not only stopped growing but dropped their leaves too. I was going to throw them away but a friend suggested that they may need humidity. I covered each 4" pot with bigger one and got them away from the sun. To my surprise they came a live and produced new branches and leaves. I don't know if Covering your Cutting will work but it would not hurt to try.

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