Is it the time for planting??

siasiaMay 5, 2013

I was just wondering is it the time for planting ?? All the greenhouses in Saskatoon are open already, I checked the weather and the temperature won't go lower than 3 degrees at night. I got some lilies and Hydrangea and was wondering if I could plant them now or wait another week or two??

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I know we can get frost till the beginning of June so I am only going to plant cold hardy stuff so far. Canadian tire still had the blueberries inside the green house today. If you do plant be prepared to cover in case of frost. Not sure about hydrangeas

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

I wouldn't put the Hydrangeas or lilies out just yet. As a rule, when I lived in Saskatoon, it was pretty safe after the May long weekend. Pretty much the same here in Edmonton. I would rather be safe than sorry. Lilies in the ground (bulbs) can go in now as well as any cold hardy vegie seed, sweet peas, and other summer flowering bulbs or roots like peonies. â¼


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weeper_11(2b SK)

Yes, I bought a few things at the greenhouse this weekend also, but I'm just putting them out all day and bringing them in at night. I think I'll wait till the mother's day weekend, I just don't feel like covering everything. It sounds like there is a good chance of at least a couple degrees below zero once or twice in the coming week/weekend.

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

Use the Canadian Gardening Almanac to find your last frost date (Google "last frost date"). For Winnipeg it's May 24. What I do is wait until May 24 plus one full week after the last actual frost. This has been a very cold winter (here anyway) so I'm expecting there will be later than average frost.

You can plant hardy things like lettuce, peas and chard in the garden any time now though.

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Thanks guys for all the advices. I checked my last frost date and it is 21 of May so I'll wait till then. I don't won't to loose my plants. I will probably plant some bulbs out now like peonies and some lilies. The winter was so long this year that's why I would love to plant flowers and veggies outside and enjoy them growing:) I guess I have to be more patient:)

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I would be okay with putting out pansies and violas. They're extremely frost resistant.

If you're feeling brave petunias and calibrachoas are also good. They're not quite as hardy but I find they can tolerate -3C without any problems.

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ostrich(3a AB)

Hmm.... I am also tempted myself but I personally would wait until late May or early June. Just my personal preference!

What hydrangea did you get? Is it a paniculata? Or arborescens?

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weeper_11(2b SK)

*siiiighhh* I just let a couple flats of plants freeze last night. I'm a plant murderer. They were nice ones too. And I KNEW it was going to freeze, I just completely forgot they were still outside. I have pregnancy brain. Surprise! I'm 3 months pregnant. And from here on out, I'll blame that for every absentminded, stupid thing I do.

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Congratulations! Too bad about the plants, though. I well remember the need for sleep early in my pregnancies and that's probably all your mind was on. :)

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

Yay!!!! Katie is going to be a mommy!!! I'm so happy for you guys!

My daughter is 9 weeks today and I get a play by play every day! She is incredibly tired too as I remember I certainly was!

Enjoy it every step of the way, Katie! There is nothing more perfect than carrying a baby! And don't worry about the plants sweetie, I did the same thing and I'm only expecting summer! :)


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Congrats!! That is perfect you will have someone good to look forward to this winter.

I am not pregnant and left my plants out too long now I will have to buy cukes.

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weeper_11(2b SK)

Well, selfishly I'm glad that I'm not the only one who left plants out!

Ginny, I haven't told anyone else who knows me in "real life" except for immediate family, so it is still hush hush on facebook! Congratulations on being a soon-to-be Grandma! That's awesome! Hope everything continues to go well.

But thanks for all the congrats. And I didn't mean to hijack the thread, but I'm really sad about my plants. I'm so into plants that it really isn't even about the money, I'm just sad that I killed perfectly healthy plants ha ha!

This post was edited by weeper on Sat, May 11, 13 at 11:06

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ostrich(3a AB)

weeper, congrats! Don't worry, we have ALL done that before, for sure.... LOL! The trouble is, when you are at the nursery, these lovely plants all stare at you and you have NO CHOICE but to take them home, right!? LOL! We have all be there....

Congrats again!

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

No problem Katie. Mum's the word for my daughter too.

Going to pickup my Prairie Peace roses from the bus depot today and will be potting up the 5 I also got from T&T on Wednesday. Everything's coming up roses! And geraniums, and zinnias, and portulaca, and......... I can't bear to pull out all the little hollyhock babies that have self seeded in the most inconvenient places!

I love spring! :)


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weeper_11(2b SK)

Well, apparently only my basil and my sweet potato vines are completely toast. I thought the geraniums were gone for sure, but I cut back all the outer leaves, and I think it'll come back from the bottom.

I ordered a bunch of roses this year, too, Ginny, and really was scratching my head as to wear to plant them. I always do that! I didn't order from Sheila Holmes this year, though, just Corn Hill.

And I bought my Valentine rhubarb plant today(somehow it seems like such a waste to BUY rhubarb when everyone has it, but I wanted this variety!) and plants to replace what I killed. And my tomatoes(I always struggle with seeds inside, so I just buy the plants). Can't wait to plant!

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I lost some more yesterday :( I put them out before church and while we were away the wind came up. Not sure if the broken ones will bounce back. Good thing I got my blueberries in or they would have blown away.

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ostrich(3a AB)

Well, guess what? I went to Canadian Tire this past weekend, and saw these GORGEOUS perennials, shrubs, roses and trees there (before they get neglected and tortured by the people there! That's why they looked so good still).... I could not stand it so I broke down and bought an absolutely beautiful Morden Belle rose in container! Now it's in the ground.... I just hope that we won't get another cold snap in Calgary now!

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Our Canadian Tire is pretty good for plants because they have someone there who takes care of them. Walmart and Extra Foods, on the other hand - awful! Of course, that means more cheap plants for rescuing...

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