Fig Variety identification

jgkonnully(11)April 14, 2011

I have purchase a Fig Sapling from a nearby Nursery in Hyderabad, India. The Leaf resesmbles shape of the Heart or Spade in a deck of cards. Can you tell me the fig variety. Is it Hamma Caprifig??

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frozenjoe(9 Arizona)

Glad to hear that the forum has members growing figs in India. That's really cool. As far as identification goes, it is very hard to identify a variety without photos of the leaves and the fruit. I have an unknown that I am waiting to have identified as well, but I have to wait until the fall when I have pictures of fruit and leaves to post. Best luck with your fig. If it's a caprifig it probably won't produce edible fruit. Hopefully it's not a caprifig.


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cazimere(MD 7)

Even with pics of leaves and figs, it just a guessing game. Lots of different figs out there that look a lot alike. Only way to tell for sure is to send samples to somewhere like UC Davis and have them analyzed. Not sure if they would do that without a hefty fee.

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jgkonnully, your description sounds like it might be Ficus auriculata, the Elephant Ear fig. An internet search should bring up pictures to compare with your fig.

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Thanks. I finally identified my Fig Sapling as "Ficus Auricula ta or Elephant Ear fig. It is planted in semi-shade, southwest backyard of my house. It gets about 2 hrs of sunshine everyday.

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