Leyland Cypress or Southern Red Cedar

joey383January 19, 2014

So I'm calling around to local tree nurserys and no one is carrying Leyland Cypress trees, but everyone has southern red cedar trees. Is there an advantage one has over the other? Should I just get the cedar or wait until I can find the leyland. I'm just planting them in a row on the back of my property.

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There's lots online about these being susceptible to diseases, that they are short-lived, don't do well in wet soil and invariably outgrow their chosen spots in the landscape. I have an Uncle who planted them and regrets it. On the other hand, cedars do well here in our area but don't know if you are in the Southern part of the state, where I'm not sure they would work. But since so many nurseries in your area have them that's probably the best choice.

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I live in north FL. I do see some cedars with brown spots and chunks missing from them around here. I would hate to plant them and this happen.

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