Recommendations for yellow plants

bellarosa(z5/IL)June 3, 2014

As I look around my garden, I notice that I have mostly pink and purple plants blooming. I'd love to add some yellow plants. Any recommendations for a full sun yellow plant that blooms in now - Spring/early Summer?


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I have a yellow & white Siberian iris cultivar called Butter & Sugar that will bloom any day now. Aquilegia chrysantha/Columbine 'Denver Gold' is a lovely light yellow color blooming now. There's a yellow form of Baptisia/false indigo named 'Carolina Moonlight'. I'm seriously considering adding it to my Must Have list.

Altho' I've never bought any, I believe there are some gold-toned Heuchera/coral bells cultivars on the market. H. villosa Caramel comes to mind. Like the Heuchera, Hosta 'Liberty,' while slow-growing, is spectacular. Once it approaches maturity it needs plenty of space. Mine is growing in an area that gets bright shade + midday sun.

Those are things that came to mind as blooming early in the season.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pics of Hosta 'Liberty'

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Oenothera, as invasive as it is, makes a bright display.

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

I got some anemone from someone that is blooming this year and is yellow. I thought it was hardy geranium, but it has it's leaves on the ground and then a cloud of little yellow blossoms up on tall stalks. I have pictures on my phone, but haven't transferred them to my iPad.


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Alyssum "Basket of Gold" is a great plant, will sometimes give a second blooming if spent flower heads trimmed off.

A yellow Anemone? Never saw one, interesting.

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trollius. some irises. I suggest for late summer Rudbeckia Hirta.

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Thanks everyone for your suggestions!

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Most of my yellow/charteuse foliage plants such as Heuchera 'Citronelle' and 'Lime Rickey', several hostas, and Japanese forest grass Hakonechloa macra 'All Gold' all do better with at least half day shade, but I have a few that do well in full sun, though a couple get a bit of bright western shade from midafternoon until evening.
Japanese full moon maple, Acer shirasawanum 'Jordan', is quite gold at this time of year.
From early June 2014

Deutzia 'Chardonnay Pearls' gets a lot of light in this position and doesn't burn.
From early June 2014

Clematis 'Stolwijk Gold' actually has flowers that are bluer and foliage that is yellower than this photo in my garden, but the old camera didn't like the combination of colors.
From June 5, 2012

I have a tall bearded iris from my grandfather's garden that is yellow with a touch of purple on the falls,
From early June 2014

and two yellow-gold deciduous azaleas, 'Golden Lights'
From early June 2014

and 'Narcissiflora'.
From 2013

Baptisia 'Carolina Moonlight' is actually a bit more yellow than the cream of this photo, but is still a pale rather than bright yellow.
From June 5, 2012

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Wow! Great pics and suggestions. I can't wait to add a few of these beauties to my garden. Thanks so much!

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There are also pure yellow gaillardia.

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There are many yellow flowering perennials of which I have only a few. My most prolific is a perennial sunflower (helianthus), Leopard's Bane is an early bloomer, and I also have yellow Asiatic lilies. I had Artemesia Oriental Limelight which has yellow variegated foliage and is a pretty plant but too vigorous to be allowed to stay. Also had a yellow marguerite at one time.

Of course there are yellow peonies and even a yellow Shasta.

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I don't know the name of this rose. It's just a cheap floribunda I bought at Lowes. I only bought it because I wanted something yellow. At first I didn't like it much, but have changed my mind after it filled in well with the Iceland poppies and violas by it. Although there are also orange and white, some of the Iceland poppies are yellow.

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Ispahan Zone6a Chicago

In addition to the many excellent suggestions above, I would highly recommend Ranunculus acris 'Flore Pleno'. This is a medium height (2-3 feet tall but airy), clumping, completely non-invasive ranunculus that slowly expands from the base and just gets better and better each year. It leans gracefully after rains but no staking necessary. It can be hard to find but is worth any price asked including shipping. Mine came from Edelweiss Perennials and I think I have seen it listed at Romence Gardens in the past.

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Wow..loving all of the pics! Thank you everyone for the great suggestions. I'll definitely have to look into adding these to my yard.

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woodyswife(z5 OH)

Gaillardia--seems like the variety I'm thinking of is Arizona--would be my choice! Really seems to brighten things up.

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Patty W. zone 5a Illinois

Hi I was somewhat hesitant to answer because of my suggestions. I have two yellow roses Solero vigorosa from Chamblee's ( disease free, continuous bloom) and Sparkle and Shine from Heirloom (good disease resistance and continuous bloom). I grow all own root roses as in the last 20 years they are the only ones that have done well for me. I don't spray any of them but I only grow disease free roses. Just don't know if you want to attract JB's to your yard.
The others are not really cottage looking flowers. I grow 3 yellow daylillies that are truly continuous bloom from their second year forward. They also have remarkably healthy foliage. Have other yellow daylilies but not always as heathy as these three.They are Going Bananas, Twist Again and Montego Melon ( it's yellow not melon). Must post pictures one at a time. Don't have pic of Solero yet. Here's Sparkle and Shine just come up.

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Patty W. zone 5a Illinois

Twist Again very prolific rebloomer.

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Patty W. zone 5a Illinois

Montego Melon love it.

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Patty W. zone 5a Illinois

That one leaf in MM pic is from plant behind her, Going Bananas wonderful plant. Should also mention Aralia Sun King over wintered with flying colors and is doing really well.

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Not sure what this is called...a friend gave it to me last season as she remodeled and did some moving of flowerbeds. This is nothing compared to what it looks like now. Just one years's taken and filled in that entire spot it was planted on the backside of our waterfall.

I hate to say this...but I am not a fond fan of yellow. But...this one just really makes me happy that it's in my yard.

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Looks like a coreopsis, maybe 'Moonbeam'. I like its pale yellow.

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Thank you so much mswsgal! That is indeed the plant variety! I am amazed at how hardy this plant is. Strong storms can roll though and never seem to knock the flowers off this plant. Maybe it is the soft yellow tones...or the foliage it carries is so...whimsical I think. But all a heavy storm does is flatten this down, let the sun come out and dry it off...and it never shows any where or tear from the harsh weather. I considered planting more of it...but had no clue where to start. Thanks to you...I will know what to ask for.

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I just love all of the great recommendations from everyone. Thank you so much. Patty, love the yellow day lilies. I will have to try them. Thanks so much - and your roses are stunning too!

I do have one plant that I wanted to mention, which blooms really well in my garden. It's golden marguerite.

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Love all the yellow flower pics! I realized this year which is my second year gardening that yellow flowers are one of my favorites. I wish I could find some corydalis lutea reasonably.

Coreopsis big bang redshift is a great yellow plant in my opinion. Mine is 3 times bigger this year than it was last year. It's very tough and beautiful and has continuous blooms from June until frost here in SC.

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Another flower for you would be Antirrhinum,'Yellow', will grow to approx 4 Ft and will flower until the arrival of frost.

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