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montgomery_txApril 11, 2010


I'm a fig newbie and just planted three varieties last month. They were purchased as container plants (in January) from a reputable fruit sale so I believe they are correctly labeled.

The Alma was the tallest at 5 feet and seems to be doing fine with lots of new growth. It's an upright tree.

The LSU purple was about 3 ft. tall and the Celeste was about 12 inches. Both have good new growth and seem to be doing well but both show leaf drooping during the day that I don't see on the Alma. I checked and don't see any mites, bugs etc.

I checked the soil moisture and nothing seemed off. I've got about 6" of mulch around the base (but not up against the trunk)

Is this normal or does the leaf drooping indicate a problem?

Thank you very much for your help,


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Are they still in the containers they came in or are they planted out? If they're still in the containers, it sounds like a drought response due to over-watering.


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I'm sorry. I should have stated that. I planted the figs in the ground about three weeks ago after the weather was reliably higher than freezing. All the plants had begun budding out already.

I'll try for some pictures as I'm sure that would help.

Thank you again!


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