Therese Bugnet Rose

ivy2May 18, 2009

I have had this rose for six years. It's about 4.5 feet high, extremely healthy and has already leafed out. It is planted on the south side of my house. I feed it alfalfa tea and top dress with manure every year. I also keep it watered. It looks like an very healthy rose bush. My problem is.... it gives me about 12 - 15 flowers early in the season and then I may have one or two at a time after that. From what I've read this bush shud bloom far better than that. I have never pruned it because of the old wood thing. Anyone know how to get this rose to bloom more? I'm ready to shovel prune it. Maybe it doesn't like a south exposure?

On the upside all my tenders came thru the winter with flying colors. Especially garden party, one plant had a foot of green cane. others are:

Pink Perfection


Fragrant Cloud

Brides Dream

Sky's the limit. (this one only had about 2 inches of green cane)

I read somewhere that if you gave your tenders a shot of nitrogen in the spring they would bloom better. Can anyone comment on this?

Something that has really surprised me is I started Peruvian Lily seeds. I actually have 18 of them up. Gee if they all survive WHAT am I going to do with them !!! I don't suppose I will have any blooms this year but next !!!. When the time comes I'll be giving a lot away (providing I can keep them alive) Any takers?

Any help with my TB would be appreciated. thanks

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I don't think you are giving it enough nutrients if all you do is top dress with manure. Check out this link

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sazzyrose(2b Sk)

I was thinking it could possibly be not enough water. If this bush is on the south side of your house. Mine rarely gets fertilized and blooms wonderfully.


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I'm not sure what's up with your Theresa Bugnet rose, though good soil and adequate moisture would help to induce further flowering. Mine continues to bloom on new wood, though nothing spectacular after the spring flush ... otherwise, this is a favorite of mine!


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thanks oilpainter, I'll try that link and give it more nutrients. Shelly your're probably right. It gets very hot on the south side. I'll be sure and give it more water. Thanks for your suggestions - it's so nice to be able to talk to experienced gardeners.

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