keaganp(3 Calgary)April 2, 2010

I arrived in Vancouver today and I went out looking for fig trees to get some cuttings from. I found a few that are definitely figs, but one I am not sure about

Is this a fig?

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That leaf scar is definitely from a walnut.

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Lots of fig trees in Vancouver. Most trees in Vancouver are Desert King - may be 55% or more. Your best bet is to check out the Italian Cultural Center - may need a ladder to get some cuttings. My friend told me one of the tree is Gentile & Filacciano. He cited it does not meet his taste bud preferences. I trust him on the taste & I have never bothered to take cuttings when I went to check it out years ago. Other common varieties in Vancouver are Latarrula & BT's. There are Black Jacks, Negronnes, Brunswick, Gillete & Osborne Prolific too. Ethnic types are harder to find unless you know people. Most people have no clue as to the varieties.

From pic -- Quite certain its not a fig cutting.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

.... too pubescent to be Juglans (walnut). My guess is Rhus typhina (staghorn sumac).


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That branch reminds me of my pussywillow tree i had to cut down. The last picture shown , below the top bud also reminds me of when the catkin first emerges before spring and end of winter. The specimen i had was very hardy here near Chicago and im sure could grow in that area . Trouble is the branches are weak as my adult tree split during a good ice storm and had to be cut down it was in bush form.They come in different colors and are very beautiful but attract wasps, bee's etc and is a very messy tree after blooming.
The leaf scar is the same as well.
Perhaps one day at a different time of year you could go back and look at tree and take pictures, if it is a pussywillow in a months time you would be able to tell for sure.

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I agree that it not a fig (F.carica); but sorry,
I have no idea what it actually is...

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That was my 2nd guess. Sumac would have that peach fuzz on it.

-Little John

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